Just What I Needed

Yesterday I went hard and furious, getting my clocks ready for filming…they are at the point now that they just need assembled and finished up, but wanted them where we could take them apart to show how we did what, then we go do it, gets a little tough, alot more work than one thinks, any way , will wrap the clock up today and Sherri and Crystal will get it up , will let you know as soon as it is done,

Not much of anything new to take pictures of today, so its just us, but one thing I did get done yesterday , was ,last night i cleaned off my garden, had me a big fire going, and then i used some roundup to kill off the weeds, and then killed off a bunch of grass, that i just planted 2 years ago, expanding the garden a bit, will give it a couple weeks, and then plow it under, if I don’t kill the vegetation off , seems like I’m just replanting it, and its a pain in my garden, so by killing it off first, don’t seem to have the weed problem as much…but just getting out in the garden and resting my brain from all the economy, woodworking, video stuff was nice, I needed that….so perhaps tonight I will start getting all the garden tools and machines tuned up and ready to go, and in case you are wondering, yes, I do my garden like I do woodworking, tons of it and make sure the rows are straight.
Ok not much else to talk about today, got to get the clock video done, so its “Hey Guys” I’m Charles Neil time…I actually quit saying that, figured if most didn’t know who I am by now, they would figure it out.He he  he

Oh yea , dont forget to vote ( thumbs up), for ACE’s chest from yesterdays blog…

ok guys , later

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