Yabba Dabba Dooooooo….

it’s Monday and feels like it toooooo!

The desk is dry, ready for a final rub out and finish the assembly. The step back is about a week behind it – oil finishes do take longer, nice ones any way.

The clock video is about done as well, then I get to start the 2nd step back for Fine Woodworking and then get to the seed press.

I plan to attend a show in York, PA first week of April so it’s definitely get to rock and rollin’.

The first of May we will be traveling to Parkersburg, WV, home of Woodcraft for a very special Benefit Auction for Tim Rinehart, a true gentleman with a special place in our hearts. Tim was diagnosed with cancer in 2008. All proceeds of this auction will go to Tim and his family to assist with medical bills. Note: Cash donations are being accepted as well, checks should be made payable to the Tim Rinehart Benefit Fund and may be sent to Woodcraft Supply LLC, Attn: Kim Winans; PO Box 1686; Parkersburg, WV 26102. We’ll be telling you more about Tim and the auction in our upcoming April Newsletter. Please click on the flyer to the left to actually read the details.

Other News – Our very own AceHoleInOne has submitted his “Keeping Chest” to Fine Woodworking’s “Build Outside the Box” Contest. So follow this link (View Ace’s Keeping Chests) to leave comments and give a thumbs up!

Okay, got to get another coat of oil on the step back then wrap up the clock video, then get the paint on the step back interior.

I think tomorrow is the last day of the special price on the newly released DVD, Doors and Drawers, so if you haven’t ordered yours yet, now is the time.

Out to the shop and rock and roll. Geez – am I getting too old for this stuff, maybe!!!!

Later ya’ll

PS Don’t forget to vote for ACEHOLEinone!

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6 Responses to Yabba Dabba Dooooooo….

  1. Are the escutcheons difficult. Just a pressure fit, drive them in? I like the clean look.


    Thanks for posting the link to my keeping chest at Fine Woodworking. 🙂

  2. pretty much ace, they have a small nail tha also helps hold them , pretty easy to do, a 3/8 drill bit and a little chisel work and your good to go

  3. Norman Reid says:

    I don’t see the DVD “Doors and Drawers” on your website. I don’t have the wrong website, I hope.


  4. Ken Weinert says:

    Norman – to my recollection that information was put out to newsletter subscribers only. I don’t believe that the DVD is on the site yet, but I’m sure Sherri or Charles will correct me if I’m wrong.

  5. Monte West says:

    Charles you started the week of great. You did a Blog on Monday, please do it each day. Write your Blog
    The desk is looking real nice and I liked what you did to the drop leaf ends of the desk. That end treatment is real neat. How did you do that? Looking for finish pictures of it now. I see a bombbay in the background.
    I sure wish I could go to West Va., I was told I had other plans. Will send check.
    The Shaker clock is looking good also. Nice Job. What size is the dial?
    The keeping box is Beautiful and it has great craftsmanship. Did you teach him how to do that beautiful work? I wrote a comment on Fine Woodworking Web site. Please read.
    And finally, thank you for answering my email so quickly.

  6. bob says:

    Monte, I know you mean well and want to learn, but Charles needs to make a living also. Doing as much as he does for free, I don’t know how he pays the bills. I am sure we all like to get as much as we can everyday, but I know Charles just does not have time to write that much. That “puttin food on the table thing” does take time. bob

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