Just chatting

well its Saturday morning, having some coffee…and fixing to go wrap up the clock build….I really think you will like this…what I had to do was to build the clocks, then basically do it again…so we have a visual reference, and as well I have several different ways to accomplish different task…I try to think through different skill and tool levels…that’s not always easy…but that is what makes project videos work…folks often think of them as only specific to that project..but as I have told you its more about techniques and procedures I  have used that worked well for me….an example is the clock case…where we have an inner bottom and inner top,that attaches to the sides…the original clocks the tops were simply nailed to the sides and that was it… but we are adding the inner top and bottom to simplify our build and allow for a better means of securing the dial face, and we can rabbet it in, biscuit it in or even pocket screw it in, or dovetail it in, but in the shaker world the clock was a tool..meant to form a function and not be fancy or elaborate…in one of the shaker accounts the clock was made of walnut and stained or painted red, the back was made of pine and painted chrome yellow…somehow , I just don’t think we want to go there, the other thing was the original clocks were made of 1/4 saw or riff saw lumber..butternut, walnut, maple pine, the 1/4 sawn or riff sawn was the most stable way of sawing lumber…but also yielded the least volume…but they didn’t care…they had a continent full of big virgin growth timber from which to select..and any left overs were used for fire wood or whatever….our world is entirely different…our wood has to be bought and its expensive…our selection is limited, and we now have central heat and air conditioned homes…so we have to address expansion and contraction issues alot more than the shakers did, so we have to do things differently, an example is the backs that are about 10 inches wide, the shaker simply nailed it into rabbets in the back…it was usually riff or 1/4 sawn white pine, whose movement is minor…if you can find pine sawn that way today , it will be narrow boards and very expensive..but I am not using pine backs…the one clock that I am doing as close as I can to the original is made of some ‘right nice” tiger maple….another adaptation is made of curly claro walnut ( remember the big old slabs that were all twisted up I had gotten from Good Hope Hardwoods), and the other clock is made of some nice cherry…
so I am wrapping up the clocks and have filmed most of it, but today I will have them finished up, and the filming complete on how I did them…hope to get it on the video player next week, and then on to other projects for everyone…well the coffee is gone, so I guess its out to the shop and rock and roll..

Later Ya’ll

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4 Responses to Just chatting

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    very nice. i cant wait for the clock videos. just wrapping up spraying of the radiator covers and ill be ready to tackle a new project soon 😀

  2. Wayne Raley says:

    Looking forward to the clock video. Thanks.

  3. Monte West says:

    What a surprise, you in the shop on Saturday and writing. I am also surprise that there are no pictures. I don’t understand now this project will work. Are you selling wood for the build or what? I am looking forward to seeing this build. Trying to buy quarter sawed white oak or riff saw White oak or other woods here is not easy, unless I come to the valley of Virginia.
    I have miss your daily chats this week with only two.
    When are we going to see the installed Kitchen cabinets? Are we going to see how the table looks after it is finished? Will the finish be water base or oil? It looks like I am full of questions on a Saturday evening.
    See the video next week?

  4. Monte , i am in t he shop most every sat… as to the pictures…am building and finishing at the moment and its just parts and pieces..not alot to show at the moment, as to the kitchen cabinets..they decided to do more remodeling before installing , but when done we will get photos….the litttle table photos are about it, in the photos it had the final coat of finish , and then it wnet home for them to wrap up, i was just helping them finish it, on the clocks we will be using an oil finish…as to the clock the video will be posted on our site , and it is free, no i will not be selling kits, I do however as bob kloes in wisconsin to get some wood together for them..we will have all of this next week…later my friend

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