At It Again!

Well, I’ve kind of been here and kind of not the last couple of days. Did enough to wrap up the “Door and Drawer” DVD – a really good thing. Probably surprised you with that one! been working on it for a little while now and just wanted to wrap it up, so we did and Sherri finished the rendering and we’re good to go as soon as the release special is over so we know how many to produce initially. This economy makes us watch our pennies, ya know!

We finished the pine settle, remember last week, we stained it with a base of “Cranberry Red” water base stain, then we did a little hand planing, wearing down the corners, that sort of thing. I then used a water base glaze over that and wiped it back with a wet cloth to wear through some of the red. The glaze was a Van Dyke Brown so it made it look old and dirty, leaving the glaze in the corners and places that normally wouldn’t get cleaned as well. Then a coat of finish, scuff sanded it with some 320 grit and then using some keys, did a little nicking and distressing. Then we glazed it again and let the glaze get into the nicks and added a little more “wear” by sanding areas down to almost raw wood and glazing over it. When we had the look we wanted, couple top coats of finish and it was done. After the finish dries well (a week or so) it will get scuffed down with some 600 grit paper and waxed to give a matte, rubbed and worn finish that despite its aged look, will be quite durable.

I’ve got a ton to do so off to my clean shop, well sorta, the girls didn’t get as much cleaning done as they had hoped as I got them involved in getting the DVD done but we did rearrange and cleaned so it looks and is working a lot better (BLOGJACK: He wouldn’t stay away, after 1/2 day on Monday he was in the middle of the shop so we gave up and changed plans, but we’re glad we got the DVD done).

Thanks to everyone who has already ordered the DVD, pretty certain your gonna like it. I know we tried to cover everything our little brains could think of. That’s a big problem with our DVDs, I get going and think – I need to do this – and oh yea, need to do that and next thing I know, 2 disc becomes 8! I review and look for ways to cut the time down, but then, I don’t want to leave anything out, so it becomes a pretty large set, but then again, I would much rather have it and not need it than not have it, so it is what it is.

Now, very shortly I need to get the step back under way for the article in FWW. It’s not a premier article, it’s called Building to Finish and the step back is our project that we will be using for demonstrating in photographs so I will be into that as well. Doubt you guys want to do another step back so we’ll find something else to blog about.


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2 Responses to At It Again!

  1. The aged wood thing looks cool and who are your two new helpers?


  2. charles neil says:

    The guy in the bib overalls a friend and student who is a retired college professor , and the other guy is his friend ..a retired engineer i think…

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