ACE is Expecting…..

his chisels to get home any day. We will let him be the judge if they are sharp. Now….Ace’s chisels had uh-well been sharpened at a time or 20 and while I have a bevel gauge, I wasn’t quite sure where these were so I started with 80 grit on the Worksharpand a 25 degree bevel. Then I went to 120, 200, 400, 1000, 3600 and finally 6000. Basically, I made the bevel from scratch, that’s why I went through all of the grits. I could have perhaps skipped a couple, but not the 1000, 3600 and 6000. Then I went to a 30 degree and put a back bevel on the edge. I also used the 1000 and up to flatten the back, do now Ace has a sharp polished edge. We will let him respond as to what he thinks.

Now, I’ve got to be honest, I have oil, water, ceramic stones as well as some nice guides and I have the “scary sharp” plate glass or granite and sandpaper, no hype, no bull. That Worksharp is hard to beat. I spent about 20 minutes on Ace’s chisels including the one he sent with no handle and was beat all to h^&& as a joke.

Now don’t get me wrong, my stones and scary sharp put a super edge on but to completely rebuild a bevel and speed as well as arm saving, the Worksharp is about idiot proof. Ace only has to get him something to keep the chisels honed up and lay off the concrete, nails and bolts.

How long these chisels will retain their edge is the decisive point of the quality of the tool. How hard the steel is, that’s what I have been trying to get through to folks about the WoodRiver chisels and planes. Even my twice and sometimes 3x expensive tools are not out performing them. No sales pit or hype folks, just a fact.

One of my goals in writing all this is to have you new guys and those who have struggled using planes and chisels that more often than not, your issues are a result of dull, difficult to use tools. Dull edges are a nightmare and until you understand sharp, you just don’t know what you are missing.

I think out on the forum we need to set up a post on sharpening and using hand planes. I really want BigBob (Bob Kloes) to get in on the hand planing, he is extremely knowledgeable about them and has a few (hundred).

I realize few are users or have a lot of interest in planes and chisels, but once you use a sharp, well tuned tool, your view will change. Not only are they a pure pleasure to use, they do a lot of work. As a matter of fact, Fine Woodworking has two articles this month on their use written by Chris Gochenhour, I have met Chris, he is good.

Yesterday, Jeff Fleischer (chpcrvr) brought some cherry crotch (1/4″ thick) he had gotten from Willow Run and we laminated it up (3 layers) to make some door panels for a bathroom vanity he is doing. He is also finishing it in the spray booth. We are using a Gemini Coatings pre-cat lacquer and applying it with a Kremlin air assisted airless.

Here is a shot of the pigeon holes as they get their finish. So as typical here, a lot happening at the shop.

Oh yea, I put my tools away and found the work benches and thought about sweeping the floor, “thought about” is about as far as I’ve gotten on it though. Hoping the stain and glaze arrive today for our “pine antiquing” table we talked about. Time to make some saw dust and wipe some finish, Rock and Roll time. Catch Ya Later!

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9 Responses to ACE is Expecting…..

  1. Oh good….can’t wait…so I shouldn’t use these chisels to pull nails from pallets no more 😦

    I never really gave this sharpening thing much thought. I use my bench grinder with a white stone (like the one Norm on tv did) and a wet stone. So I am curious as to a significant difference. Which I’m sure there is. But seeing and feeling and using…….well will just have to see……


  2. Monte West says:

    Sharping is very important and no thing nobody likes to take the time to do. Why did you go to 30 degrees in stead of like 27. I know that the edge should have a different angle. Is that the next setting? I told you in a comment I was looking for the Big Brown Truck to bring me the one you had in the contest.
    I just looked at the pigeon holes and they are a thing of art and beauty in my book. The bad thing is I have never used lacquer, not even wipe on. It sure comes out great.
    Now, sweep the floor. He He.

  3. Hey Monte…try the General Finishes High Performance water based topcoat…(geez I sound like a broken record) It’s like using lacquer, and you can rub it out like glass, seriously.


  4. monte as well try the gel is great as well..I like the Bartley and the GF ….as to the floor thing…Im still thinking on it ..he he he

  5. Denis Rezendes says:

    ya the worksharp does a nice job and having sharp tools it key. the pigeonhole also came out beautifully. i cant wait to see everything together on the desk

  6. Boyd Nordland says:

    I agree with all Charles had to say about the Worksharp. I’ve had one for about a year now and I’ve never had such wonderful chisels before!! I have to warn my buddies who stop over to “borrow” to watch out. I’m not responsible for blood on their work! I want to order the new wide plane attachment so I can go after my plane blades. They ought to just about slide off a board by themselves! Thanks Worksharp!

  7. Worksharp……Ok…….. if you say so guys… chisels are still en-route from the warm South heading North….hope they don’t pick up an accent from being down there too long… 🙂


  8. InsideBevel says:

    Hi Charles, is it a vacuum bag you are using there?
    Do you find it useful? I’ve been thinking about trying that but I have not gotten around to it yet….

  9. charles neil says: is a vacume bag…they really do well for veneers and laminating….i have had this one about 5 years or so

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