Out on the forum our beloved AceHoleInOne saw a post I made on the forum about sharpening chisels or plane irons or something, and someone had asked what you do if you can’t get them sharp. I said “send them to me” ~ so Ace did. Now, he’s got a set of “economy” ones (geez Ace!) but they will do. Just need to get them sharp. So I’m going to throw them on the Worksharp and they will be like razors. I’ll send Band-Aids back with them, because I know Ace will check them by rubbing the edge with his finger.

Yesterday when I was mortising the hinges in, I recalled a post on the forum where someone said they were not too good with a chisel, and I have seen guys really trash a mortise trying to chisel it. This may sound like a minor thing but it isn’t, and I feel sure alot of you know this. But for our new guys here is the one single thing that will help you more than anything, outside of having sharp tools.

Always mark your area of cut with a knife or razor cutter. Exacto knives work well. The reason? First, it will give a fine, precise line. Second, the cut will support or hold the chisel edge so you get a clean cut, and an accurate one. And third, it precuts the wood so chipout isn’t an issue.

Try using a knife to lay out your mortises and dovetails. On dovetails, remove the waste and leave the line, then “pare” to the line. Where you place the chisel in the cut and slice downward. Another trick is to mark both sides of the board and chisel from both sides. Helps keep you straighter. Another is to clamp a board along the line and use it to help keep you straight (vertical).

So I guess the question will arise, am I going into the sharpening business? NO. But to help a fellow woodworker out is pretty nice to be able to do. Or at least, I think so.

Later ya’ll,

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8 Responses to Sharpening

  1. Oh I miss ma babies!! You take good care of those Charles Neil. I paid a lot of money for those! šŸ™‚ hehehe.


  2. I can tell ,Ace you paid alot for them, the one with no handle and beat all to h@#% is quite impressive…I bet these set you back 10 or 12 bucks at least.. šŸ™‚
    but hey …in all seriousness they will work fine

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    haha…. wow ace you are a high roller with those chisels šŸ™‚

  4. Mike says:

    Hey Ace
    If I send you all my carving gouges will you send them to Charles to sharpen for me? Tell him to put a rush on them I need them back next week!!!
    If he does a good job maybe I will send you my turning tools next šŸ™‚

  5. whats up Mike…they dont have a post office in your town….I mean if they dont i can understand..I been to your neck of the woods

  6. Mike says:

    Thought you were only doing tools for ACE.

  7. Charles I said, you don’t need all that fancy crud to sharpen.

    A cinder block and wet stone is good enough. Hehehe! So one thing became another, he said send them down…so I did….I don’t need a Worksharp I said!!!!!…he said yes you do!!!!…So I’ll have to see how sharp is sharp!!!!!!!!! I hope he remembers to wear his cheaters!!!!


  8. Mike..I will help anyone I can, so send them down or drive your a&%$ down and have at it, i got all new compound for the koch…make them carvers like mirrors ..

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