It aint really your,s you know

I been out in the shop working on finishing up the Step Back and Desk, and going over this article we will be doing as well as another Step back for it…we pretty well have it down and they will be letting me know what stages to go to on the build for the photo shoot…I have to say Fine Woodworking sure go the mile to get hte articles and photographs…they will be coming in and setting up lighting and stuff , not super sure how all of that will go down but we will show you as well….
Well Sherri and Crystal have been typing away getting the newsletter out and Burning DVD’s…letter should hit today….and as I said I been wraping up the projects..getting the locks in and the hardware and final fit to everything , got all the backs made and ready to finish as well as all the drawer bottoms, shelves , etc…ever noticed how once you get the visual part of what the piece will be , or better put the cases , drawers and doors and all it still seems to take alot of work for all the incidental stuff…most folks just dont realize how much really goes into a piece…sometimes neither do we….seems like it always takes longer than planned…
Well they are throwing me out of the office , so they can use my laptop im sitting here pecking away on, to do something…I offered to take it to the shop..but then i was informed they wanted my puter…geez…thought i got the lap top so i wouldnt have to go thru this… guess i was mistaken…

Ok hopefully tomorrow we can get some picts of all this up…the girls are concentrating on the newsletter and their DVD’s…so im gonna go out to my shop, get me a coffee and throw sticks at them if they come out there……got to run..later ya,ll

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3 Responses to It aint really your,s you know

  1. Mike Galloway says:

    See… I warned you 🙂

  2. Monte West says:

    Friday and we still have lots of snow, but warmer. I wrote FWW .com about the lighting and screen size for the videos and they have changed a lot of things for the better.
    I am still looking for pictures and hidden compartments.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Monte West says:

    No. 2
    Did you see where the Work Sharp is on sale? WoodRiver 1/2′ shank router Bits for $5.00 each. I think that’s a deal.

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