Step Back Cupboard and Stuff

Yesterday I got the glass pane doors completed , and processed the material for my drawers and as well the material for the slant front interior pigeon hole drawers…I still need to do the raised panels and install them in the door frames..which I will do today, as well , I plan to wrap up the crown…and should pretty well be complete with the construction today…Will get some Photos tomorrow…as well as we will talk about the crown surprise…
Spent some time yesterday with the guys at Woodcraft about some new tools we will be checking out and filming…got several to do now…the planes , and some really cool stuff for sharpening, and the spray well as a cool new tool for telling stories..called a story stick, if you don’t know what one is Im going to show you.Telling stories isn’t about “spinning yarns”, or stretching the truth, in woodworking stories are about laying out your designs, things like where the moulding will be ,the door bottom, the door top, basically it “tells the story”…it is the blue print …and this really cool device makes it easier and quite accurate…but the big one for the moment is a combo, jointer and planer enroute from Jet ..I am really looking forward to that, and as well I want to do a thing on a small shop on a budget..what I want to try to do is to come up with a small shop that I can do about anything we want..for as little money as possible , yet have a good quality ,functioning shop ,Iknow most folks have very limited space and of course we all have very limited funds…so it should be interesting…

     Well best head to the shop , and get to the gettin…got to wrap these up, and get some filming done …got some good stuff coming up…tips, techniques and such, and while I am on the subject , been considering a DVD on doors and Drawers later this year…still pondering it..but perhaps. if ya have any thoughts shout them out

Ok off to the shop, later ya’ll


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3 Responses to Step Back Cupboard and Stuff

  1. Ben Birdsill says:

    Reading about you getting tools to try out reminds me of an interview I saw with Paul McCartney once. He was saying how, when the Beatles were young and just starting out, they had to scrounge and dig to get instruments that none of them could really afford, but after they got to be famous and established and owned all their equipment, everyone gave them all sorts of instruments for free. Wow… does that mean Charles is the Beatles of woodworking?

  2. Mike Galloway says:

    Well he has the hair 🙂

  3. david harms says:

    I would be interested in a dvd on drawers and doors….

    step back is looking great

    thank you for responding to my question about the miters.. I hope to get into the shop this weekend and give it another go. I had forgoten the two fundamental things you keep trying to teach us, 1 cut test pieces and adjust your equipment from there, 2 sneak up on it!

    thanks again charles.

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