Stepback and Stuff

Sorta took the weekend off. Just needed a little recharge. I messed around here at the shop a little, but not much. Thought about cleaning up, but got over it.

Well, I got the face frames, moldings, and crown on the stepback, now got some doors and drawers and the back, and it will be DONE.

Then back to the desk and get finish moving on both. We still have the small drawers and hardware to go on the desk, and yes, we will show the hidden compartments. And also, we have a little surprise for you on the stepback, so hang tight.

Chips flying - drilling step back foot

Chips flying - drilling step back foot

Back Side - No Tear Out!

Back Side - No Tear Out!

When I was making the feet, I was using one of those “Woodriver” Forstner bits from that $40 set I got. Thought I would show you how it works. I have had inexpensive bits in the past and was not happy, but I will tell you, these cut as well as any expensive bit I have, just a fact.

Now this stepback is a “period influenced” piece, no doubt, but it also has some of my own design in it, and a few things the “old timers” didn’t do but should have.

One of the wonderful things we have going for us is that we can learn from the past, where certain techniques and applications worked and stood the test of time, and some didn’t.

It’s the same with finishes. I see alot of folks making up all kinds of “recipes”, and comment it was what the Old Guys used. I say it again, THEY USED THE BEST THEY HAD. That doesn’t mean it is the best by today’s standards.

Finishes have come a long way, baby. We’re using “Waterlox” on both pieces.

Sherri & Crystal are packing DVDs, as Sherri did some kind of “special” over the weekend. She can tell you about it in case you have an interest, I don’t get into the DVD thing much. I just do the “wood stuff”.

Well, finish up the coffee, and get to the gettin’.

Later ya’ll

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