Step Back

Okay, yesterday I got the case standing and fitted, so now it’s on to the face frames and doors. Here’s a shot of the material I got at Willow Run, very nice. I’m going to do the face frames using a single length, meaning the top case and bottom case will all be the same board. As well, I will cut the door rails from the same piece. So the face frame and door side are the same piece of wood, I like that. It just makes a nice grain match, it’s a craftman’s pride thing and it shows.

Here is a shot of a nice piece that came off a crotch, I have the twin as well but it’s narrower, not sure if I can get a raised panel from each, but if not, I got this re-saw, laminate thing I do that will give us book matched raised panels. Might have to get a little creative but we can do that too. Again, it is all in the details, the WOW factor.

It looks like I’m gonna be bringing you along on this Step Back because I will be doing a few different things than on the previous one. We are going to do a thing with the crown you will like as well, I have never shown it before, but for you I will.

The desk is ready for interior drawers and I need to select some nice bird’s eye for an adverse wood for the drawer fronts. I also have some other stuff. The clients are stopping by this morning to check things out before I get to the finishin’ part. They are in agreement to using the adverse wood.

I’m gonna pull out some stuff I’ve got stashed and see where we can go, should be nice, but for the moment I’m going to focus on the step back so I can do the oil finish all at one time. While that’s going on I’m going to get to the Jefferson Seed Press. I’m looking forward to that piece and want to spend some time with you while I build it as well. We’re going to do it “old school” just for fun and to keep the skills honed up a bit.

So, it’s off to do the face frames. Oh yea, gonna film some stuff tomorrow and over the weekend.

Catch Ya Later.

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2 Responses to Step Back

  1. Bob Miller says:

    Wow, that is some nice wood in the step back Charles!! Very Nice!! Thanks,


  2. Denis Rezendes says:

    i second Bob… that is some nice cherry. i love to see these projects come together and cant wait until all the finishing!!

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