Slant Front/Step Back and Stuff

Yesterday I got the pigeon hole carcasses done. There is definitely more work in them than it seems. They are all done out of 5/16 stock, except where the prospect door will be, then it’s 1/2″. I need the heavier wood to install the hinges & lock. I have done all kinds of pigeon holes – serpentine, real elaborate, carved fans – but this setup is a simple one that really looks nice. We will be doing an adverse wood on the drawer fronts and the little raised panel in the door, perhaps some tiger maple or birdseye.

Also, here are some photos of the feet installed and how it looks with the transitional molding at the base of the desk.

Here are some shots of the big curly cherry for the stepback.One Board sides. Top. All the same tree. I like that, but it’s sure getting harder to find and even harder to afford. It’s expensive, but it also adds a ton of value to a piece. Can you imagine all of the massive trees & lumber the “old timers” had access to? They would cut a tree and if it didn’t give them what they wanted, they’d just cut another. After all, they had a continent full of it, and then of course it could always be used for firewood.

Got a new product to give a try. It’s a “green” waterbased finish from Vermont Coatings. It’s made from “whey”, a byproduct of making cheese. Will be anxious to give it a try. I like checking out new products. Keeps me young, keeps me learning. That’s what I really like. Then again, sometimes it just gives me a headache. Ok, Sherri says I’m not to talk about the “Shaker Clock” until I’m ready to get it out to you. Well, I’m about ready. Crystal, Sherri’s daughter, has been helping her, and they’ve been doing the “sketch up” thing, and as well we did some research into the original clock. It’s interesting how it has evolved from its original. But “no worries” – we got the scoop on it, and we’re gonna do as close as possible to the “original”, as well as our modern version. We will be doing 3 clocks total, and I’m going to leave this here because Sherri and Crystal have a nice “writeup” and all in the works. This is a long-awaited project and I’m really looking forward to it. Now with Crystal on board, I can write my blog (pen & paper) and get my pictures, and “the girls” get it typed and up and posted for me. God Bless them. Crystal types extremely well and to hear her and Sherri both typing sounds like a hundred “very quiet” woodpeckers on one tree. It’s a nice sound. Later ya’ll.

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9 Responses to Slant Front/Step Back and Stuff

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    I just find it amusing that find it faster to write your blog with pen and paper than typing it – only because I’m just the opposite. It’d take me *forever* to write something up by hand and then it’d be likely I’d be the only one able to read my writing to get it typed up anyhow 🙂

    Guess we can tell from that who’s better with their hands, eh? 🙂

    I’m just glad that we can both do what we are good at and it helps out other folks.

  2. Sorry I’m on a glue kick. What did you glue the feet up with and did you clamp them or use the glue suction thing you teach in your videos?


  3. the glue was tightbond III and I did the suction thing, I did use a little masking tape though , other wise just like the DVD…just bigger

    and ken as to the hands thing, the Girls have 10 straight fingers each, I think i have about 4 , football and table saws…a typist i am not

  4. Mike Galloway says:

    2 women in the shop……….your in big trouble now buddy:)

  5. no mike all is cool…Im in the shop , they stay in the office …

  6. Wayne Raley says:

    Really like your ogee feet on the slant top… the pigeon holes too, very nice work. I am always astounded at how fast you seem to work.

  7. Wayne , I move pretty well for an old guy, I guess..Just been doing it for along time….

  8. Ben Birdsill says:

    Gotta agree with Wayne – you’re gonna have this whole thing done in the time it’d take me to get 4 good feet.

  9. thats Ok Ben, like I told Wayne, I been at this a long time, and tripped over alot of rocks , now days i have learned to avoid the rocks, some one once told me even a blind mule doesnt trip over the same rock twice, the mule was smarter than me, but eventually i guess i learned to avoid them..thats what we try to do with all this “woodworking stuff”, …just trying to keep you from tripping over the same rocks we did…

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