Slant Front Desk – Feet and Stuff

Yesterday was a mix of processing material, finishing and routing moulding and making the ogee bracket feet profiles for the slant front desk.

I ran the moulding using my multi-form bit, like in the Keeping Chest video, Eagle Bit #177-2005/Price Cutter #P14-3628and I use the profile they never show. I simply use the bottom part of the bit with the bull-nose/step/cove. It’s a router table/fence thing, NOT HAND-HELD, then on the feet stock, I use those crown moulding bits Eagle Bit #130-4405/Price Cutter #P14-3627. Now, the feet that are 5″ tall I used the one listed, I also use it for crown, like we will do on the step back. They do have smaller ones for the feet and crown, a lot easier and smoother.

After that, I simply round over the top of the foot material with a 1″ round-over Eagle #156-1605/Price Cutter #P14-3119. After that I do the part I really enjoy, I hand plane/scrape it all into the profile I want and then it’s ready to cut the feet.

On these, the bottom of the foot is narrower than it will be in the final product – I will plane it to be about 3/8″ tall after I miter the feet and cut the shape out. I keep the top face of the round over and the foot bottom level so that when I do the miter on the table saw, it sits level, or you can use a miter saw.

The moulding will go around the top of the desk, just like the Keeping Chest, adding an over-hang profile. Something not typical of slant fronts. Most have a square or boxy look. I don’t care for that. I like a little finished look.

The wider moulding will be notched to go on the bottom of the case and will be able to be attached from underneath and will not have to be attached to the sides, thus no visible means of attachment and it will again allow those sides to expand and contract freely. Additionally, I will finish the moulding separately from the case so all that end grain will be sealed and we have a very nicely finished and sealed panel. All of this will become evident as we progress.

I processed material for my backs, got the drawer bottoms made (solid maple) and processed material for the pigeon holes – so a lot of prep work yesterday and ofthen this is the process that requires a lot of time. Re-sawing and allowing the wood to acclimate, planing, sizing, making sure every thing is where it needs to be.

I listed the bits I used because I always get a lot of emails asking if I don’t provide them. I try to be as generic as possible in my stuff but have learned it is impossible, folks want to know what I’m using, specifically. I’m never trying to force products down your throat, just telling you what I truly am using and letting you know when I find out about good deals available.

Later Ya’ll.

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2 Responses to Slant Front Desk – Feet and Stuff

  1. Do your use sandpaper to sand the cove portion of the feet, or is scraping sufficient? How about after the feet are glued up. Do you have a technique or sanding block shape-profile to sand that cove portion of the foot?


  2. charles neil says:

    scraping is usually sufficent , but a little 220 on a block helps if needed….actually i have a profile block i made using the body filler trick, you can also use a piece of styrofoam and just rasp it to the profile, works well..use the denser styrofoam

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