Thinking Ahead

They were cutting some quarter sawn stuff when I arrived.

They were cutting some quarter sawn stuff when I arrived.

I went to Willow Run yesterday, Billy had already scoped through some of the material and knew what I was looking for, mostly just some nice curly cherry as well as some quarter sawn for rails and stiles. They had some super nice tight curl stock, that’s pretty nice stuff so I got some and some more hard white maple. I really like using the maple for drawers and drawer runners, tough stuff and it finishes like glass.

Quarter Sawn Cherry

Quarter Sawn Cherry

On the step back that is coming up, we are going to do a painted interior. I really like this look, I think you will as well. The cherry that I got at Willow Run isn’t for the bulk of the build, we have some “other” cherry for that (check out the photos). The average is about 20″ to 25″ wide x 9′ long and 5/4, a matched log set.

The material I got yesterday will make up face frames, doors, drawers, crown, etc., the big stock will be the sides and top. Interior shelving and floor will all be hard maple, just like the walnut step back we did a while back, we are using a secondaryand since the upper case is painted and the lower case we will do our finish thing to make it look like the cherry, it will all be quite nice.

I also had a chance to clean my spray booth yesterday from all of the white paint. I used a lot of Painter’s Pyramids, what a life saver. They are so cool, I still don’t know why I didn’t think of that, when I think of all of the repairs I had to do when I was using nail boards, they’re great, if you don’t have ’em, you need them. I think they tell you on their web site where you can buy them. Okay, so I’m going to plane the cherry as well as the walnut for my seed press and then get a base and pigeon holes moving on the slant front desk. There is a term we began using years ago “Simply Beautiful”, that’s what I like. I like doing the carved, inlaid fancy stuff, but just letting beautiful woods and sound basic construction do the work sure makes for some beautiful creations. It’s hard to beat “Mother Nature.”

Later Ya’ll.

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2 Responses to Thinking Ahead

  1. Monte West says:

    Good afternoon:
    You took pictures of your trip to the lumber mill, did you take a video?
    It’s always nice to see the whole layout of the place. Then some details. I can tell you had a good time playing in the Big wood pile.
    Do they deal in quarter sawn white oak?
    Thank you
    I also looked at the one for today. I agree that I like to know the exact name and number of a tool. Yes, I like Eagle bits. I get cut ever time I clean the stuff off the bit.

  2. charles neil says:

    no monte we didnt do a video, yes they have quartersawn white oak…looked at it,they had a small stash of really nice stuff , as to having a good time, I always have a good time looking at wood…but when the bill comes I often have alot of explaining to do…( he he) …this trip was no exception …

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