Slant Front Desk –

I’ve got the “innerds” in for the lid support. It is basically a vertical slide that supports the fall front. You will note I created a space between the runners, this is done so a “stop” can be attached to the slide and the space between the upper and lower guides proved a “slot for it to run in, always make sure you have enough travel to be able to extend the slide enough to support the lids.

Note the sliding dovetails used for the upright divider.

Another thing, I oiled the inside of the case and the runners before I installed them. I want some finish in there and it will be hard to get to after assembly. Despite what the “tabloids” say and all the experts, you need to finish both sides and that’s just a fact. I have decided to use Waterlox on this desk and the next two pieces, the step back and the seed press.

I also finished the drawer fronts and put them on and all the drawers are squared away. Note how nice and flat to the case they fit and note the mirror image grain, it’s all in the details.

I had noticed that Woodcraft had put some forstner bits on sale, I use them a lot and their about impossible to sharpen, and mine were, let’s just say “a might worn.” I got a set, $40.00, half off and while that’s a really good deal, the performance is super. I’ve got more expensive but I can’t say that they are any better. Super nice case as well. Just wanted to let you know.

Told you yesterday that I was heading to the mill for some curly cherry, so Sherri’s gonna type while I ride.

Catch Ya Later

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7 Responses to Slant Front Desk –

  1. Ben Birdsill says:

    Umm… if Sherri’s typing and you’re riding… who’s driving?

  2. got ya ben…see what happens when I let her edit my stuff, I drove myself..she stayed here while i went to the mill….but you make a good point…:)

  3. Ace HoleInOne says:

    What jig did you use to cut the dovetails? Looking good … real good….


  4. the drawers were cut Ace using a little rig i use sometimes thats sort of a jig/hand thing something i use from time to time, it allows me to use a router for the bulk of the meat removal..thats about it, any good jig would have done about the same…I had it out ,so i just went with it…

  5. I don’t understand.

    Did you use the “Smart Tails” or just hand cut. Is it something you made using the adjustable fingers from another jig?


  6. when I get a chance I will get you a picture…its like the smarttails, except it lets me use a router to remove the bulk of the waste , then I hand trim for fit , i will show you later on

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