Slant Front Desk

The slant front desk is coming along nicely, very pleased.

Over the past few days I did get the drawers made. I re-sawed all of the drawer fronts. I cut them out of a really nice piece of 8/4 cherry so they will all be mirror images of each other.

The drawers were simply dove tailed, glued together and placed in their respective section of the desk. Now it’s time to scrape and clean everything up thus far and we’ll be set to move on. This will be a nice piece and I’m anxious to move forward…..but, have to get these cabinets out of here NOW!

As I told you before, this set of cabinets is for my niece and nephew so it hasn’t been a super urgent thing, but doing the paint thing they need to move on so I can reclaim my finish area and get rid of any “little white specks.” Trying to mix paint and clear finishes in the same area doesn’t work, you always wind up with a little speck in the clear….somewhere. So, to get the paint done and gone, wash and clean everything down then switch gears to the clear will be a good thing.

So, gonna write another blog today about finishing up the painted cabinets and next, we’ll be back to finishing the desk. The client has chosen his hardware so I’m gonna get my Horton Brass order in today so we can keep gettin’ on with it. Hope to have it near finishing stage by week’s end.

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One Response to Slant Front Desk

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    this is coming along very nicely. i cant wait to see it all finished and together!!

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