Cherry Slant Front Desk

For you early birds, we will be posting the first series on the desk later today, probably tomorrow. Sherri is working at home and needs to process the photos for the first installment, if she comes in later today, she’ll get it published, if not, tomorrow. Check back, hope you like the desk build.

Note from Sherri: The new web site is coming along nicely, we will be transitioning the DVD Store and DVD previews shortly. We’re excited to add a gallery to the project DVD pages so if any of you folks want to send us photos of your completed projects from the DVD, please do and we will have a great home for them so we can share your work with everyone.

Classes: We will be posting our 2009 Class Schedule/Registration form on-line some time toward the end of the week, first of next week. Many of you have emailed interest and we will be sending you and email and link so that you can get registered before we go public with the schedule. Lots of great things happening.

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