Good bye January

This is one of those lame %$8, blogs, its Monday, Im tired , I sprayed the cabinets over the weekend,super cleaned the shop , with some help, and sorted out all the stuff I need to get done last month, yea thats right, “last month”, see Jan is gone, and I was hoping to get September finished at least in January, so that I could work on October in Febuary, Geez…lets talk about something else

So the shop is clean, got my cherry going for the desk, the cabinets are painted, just letting them cure down a bit here ,and then will do the clear coat, and say good bye, actually i probably wont do the clear until next weekend, when I have Kevin ( the owner) here to help move them around , and all that stuff, as I told you these are for my niece, and while they are not in a rush, I want them out of the shop, but for the moment they are tucked away, I still need to install the drawer slides and drawers,so we will get some photos of them tomorrow, as well as some of the Cherry and other stuff later in the week, I got the newsletter written , so its coming out , and got stuff running wild, we are going to be doing a Jefferson Seed press , A cherry step Back, and alot of stuff, and the clock as well, so stay tuned, alot coming..later ya”ll

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11 Responses to Good bye January

  1. Ace HoleInOne says:

    What is the topcoat going to be. ?????


  2. intheworkshop says:

    Geb=neral Finishes “high performance” with the crosslinker …tough stuff , some of the other pieces we are going to use a pigmented acrylic with the crosslinker…stay tuned …

  3. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Oh…going green, using the water based, can’t wait!


  4. intheworkshop says:

    It happens to be green, I am doing it because I want the durability, i have done some test, all I can say is this is my nieces kitchen , and im gonna have to live with it, and this is what i chose

  5. Scott Phillips says:

    what is a crosslinker and what does it do? Thanks

  6. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Hey Scott, on Charles forum this topic recently came up. See the link above. Its a General Finishes thing. just scroll down to the bottom of the page.


  7. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Hey Scott, it’s a General Finishes thing. See the link below and scroll all the way down.

    Recently on Charles forum it was discussed what a crosslinker does.


  8. intheworkshop says:

    gee Ace my man, you are right on top of things , thanks alot…. cross linker…think of it like this….epoxy vs scotch tape ….

  9. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Now it posted…… 🙂


  10. Scott Phillips says:

    Thanks for the info Ace.

  11. Ace HoleInOne says:

    You bet Scott…


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