MDF Splines & Cabinets

I’ve got the cabinets  primed, filled and ready for paint.  I’ve got the backs done and ready for the doors.   I decided to go with the MDF so as to have a nice flat panel as these doors simply get a routed profile.  I have had issues with MDF’s screw holding ability, especially on euro hinges.  I have seen them pull out pretty easily.  I realize a lot of factories use MDF but I just don’t care for having  problems.  

Here’s what I decided to do.  I took  a 1/4″ maple spline and inserted it into the MDF.  I cut a 1/4″  groove  2″ deep into the edge.  I didn’t go dead center but rather held it towards what will be the back of the door allowing extra meat on the face for routing.  It ends up with about an 1/8″ thickness of  MDF,  a 1/4″ maple spline and then a 3/8″ thickness of MDF on the face. I simply glued it well coating both the inside of the groove and the spline as Mdf will soak some glue and then I used Titebond ® III, put wax paper between the doors, just in case, and clamped them to my flat bench and let them dry overnight. It surely looks good to me. Now again, I realize most would not want to go to all this trouble and again, I know that the MDF is simply screwed everyday and a lot of the factories use a plastic insert where the screws go, but I have seen these fail many times, and trying to repair MDF after it tears out doesn t work well at all. This way I know I have some holding power in there, I just feel better taking the time and effort to do it.

We are running behind today, had to wait for the ice to melt a bit, but its still pretty ICY out and calling for perhaps more tonight, hope not…it’s off to final size the doors, get them routed and sealed.

Later ya’ll, be safe.

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6 Responses to MDF Splines & Cabinets

  1. Monte West says:

    Good afternoon:
    I did not know that a little ice would keep you home sitting in front of the heater. You know that VDOT had the roads clear and dry by 6:00 AM this morning.
    I like your good idea about using the spline in the doors when using MDF. I am also one that would rather build the doors out of solid wood. They are looking good. Please add more pictures about this project and the Slant top desk.
    Trying to find flat 3/4″ Pine or Fur plywood is hard to do.

  2. intheworkshop says:

    monte got the plywood at lowes, and actually the roads we still pretty Icy at 10am, we live in avery rural area, we rarely see Vdot, usually the feed trucks ofr all the chicken and turkey houses do the road clearing in my neck of the woods

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    i love the spline in the mdf idea. ya we got hit today too. no school but we really should of had school. i just hope it doesn’t all freeze over or else i am going to have a hard time getting to the bus stop tomorrow

  4. Larry Nagel says:

    The spline technique is a great idea. I know its probably me, but I am looking at the pictures, reading your description, and I am not totally sure how it is supposed to look. Could you post a better picture of this?

  5. I’ve heard that mdf powder coating is environmentally safe and LEED approved. Where can I find more details on this? My company is looking for some green suppliers.

  6. Marlon says:

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