Bad weather day

I guess its our turn.  I’ve been making fun of all you “Yanks” having bad weather.  Well seems today it’s our turn.  We are still not near as cold as you guys,  it’s 28 here.  Snowing,sleeting and icing all at the same time, keeps changing around, it’s getting to be a mess.  Sounds like a good day to go home, so that’s what I’m gonna do.  

I live off a pretty rural road that runs between two big fields and it drifts pretty bad.  We only have about 3 inches on the ground, but that ice thing , I dont like, snow doesnt bother me too much,  I dislike that ice a lot, They are saying this could be a good one so I think I’m going to head out pretty soon.  

I did get a lot of the cabinets primed and ready to paint yesterday.  I want to put one more light coat on the visable face frame parts  just so I have a good coating to scuff sand before painting.  Think I am going to do that and haul  it out of here, later ya’ll…be safe

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1 Response to Bad weather day

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    well looks like were not the only ones getting the snow. we’re scheduled for anywhere from 3 to 12 inches tomorrow. boy that really helps us out! those weathermen geez!

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