Where did it go, Where did it go

Came over here to write a little blog, and it was gone….Where did it go? Ken and Sherri have gotten more of the site done and cookin, looks good, but My blog dropped down a few notches, I am going to let Sherri tell you a little more about that.

I planed the cherry for the Slant Front, and got primer on some of the cabinets, so the paint will follow shortly, a couple of these cabinets were, a bit rough, (pine plywood), so I simply used a little body filler to handle the bigger stuff, just for speed and it really does well on wood. Then I skim coated it with some white tint base, Timbermate filler after adding a little water and thinning it to about a heavy mayonnaise thickness, let it dry then, sanded it with a random orbit, and primed it, its slick, I could have used the undercoater, but I felt i needed a little more, now all of this sounds like a pain to go through, but I only had 3 sides on a upper unit, so it wasnt bad at all, it came out nice. Well, I’ve got more priming to do and get the slant front glued up, so I’ll get to the shop and let Sherri tell ya a little about the web site.

More of the new web site went live last night, Ken has done a great job. The video tip player is now up and has the newest videos playing (something I haven’t had access to since Brightcove went down). All of the newsletters are archived and today we are working on the new DVD Store with video previews and the project video which is still available on the old site. We have some new pages we’re going to add once we get transitioned so check back often, there will be a lot of new and hopefully good things happening on the web site. Ken has a note at the bottom of our Splash page with a link if you are having difficulty or have a suggestion.

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3 Responses to Where did it go, Where did it go

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    nice. i noticed the changes today too. got ma little confused there for a second 🙂

  2. Ken Weinert says:

    Sorry about that – we’ll try to put up notice a bit sooner next time we make a change.

  3. Mark Hulette says:

    I, too, came to the ‘old’ site looking for information on your ‘A to Z Finishing DVDs’ series. Hope it comes back soon!!

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