Slant Front Desk Time

I have a little more to get done on the cabinets. I have all of the cases built so I will start the finish process this week end. I’ll start with a coat of shellac just to insure everything is sealed down, a scuff with 320, then the undercoat. After that dries really well, I’ll sand with some 220 (rough pine) and then another coat, scuff with some 320 and paint. I still have the doors to make and I decided to go with the MDF. I’m going to do a side spline to help my screws hold. I’ll run a 1/4″ slot into the side deep enough to be sure the screw area is covered, then I’ll glue a 1/4″ strip of hardwood into it. I know this is a lot of extra work but I just dont want issues. I built a bedroom set for grandkids and used MDF for the doors of the wardrobes…about every screw has tried to pull out. So I’m just not even going to open myself up for problems…I know factories and a lot of folks use MDF, but I’d just rather play it safe. In this case, I’m gonna fix it before it breaks.

Okay, today I’m going to glue up the cherry for the slant front desk. I decided to go with the cherry I got from Willow Run, just saves time and shipping. I’m gonna rock it out, nothing really to take pictures of at the moment but we will soon have a lot of stuff to show and talk about. I am looking forward to showing you the making of this desk, I think you will enjoy the build.

Oh yea, about forgot, Fine Woodworking has our Specialty Lumbermill video up on their Glue Tube as well as the Rosette carving. Here is the link if you havent seen it and while you there give us a rating , thumbs up or down… Click Here

Catch Ya Later!

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3 Responses to Slant Front Desk Time

  1. Jay Highland says:

    Charles, the side spline for the MDF doors is a grand idea. That way when the kids hang on the doors the screws don’t pull out. Thanks for the insight.
    I am looking forward to the cherry slant front desk. Great wood for the project.

    Jay Highland.

  2. intheworkshop says:

    we will photograph the whole event including the splines ,and will here it discuss it…I may even set up the camera, Should be interesting…I Hope

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    can’t wait until the desk! also i second that the wood in the mdf is a really good idea. that mdf just does not like to hold screws.

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