Armoire and Mirror

Last night we delivered the mirror we made to go with the bedroom suite we built, and got some photos we forgot to get last time. I want you to see the Accuride Pocket Door System and the way I did the doors as inset’s which is normally not done. Inset doors have to fit better than overlays so there isnt much room for error. I was concerned that the pocket door system would be an issue but I use .accuride drawer slides for many cabinet jobs and have never had an issueI have used the pocket door system several times so I felt comfortable and true to form they worked flawlessly. These doors work like glass and stay in alignment and they have a ton of adjustment if I need it….good products….just a fact.

Here are some other photos of the mirror and the rest of the stuff. Here is an example of the basic same design, as is on our highboy, except we have very simple finials and no rosettes. Isn’t it amazing how the finials and rosettes transform an average looking piece into an extrodionary piece….that’s why we did the film clips….again I say its all in the details

Well, back to the cherry decisions for the slant front and get the cabinets done. Sherri and Ken are still working on the web site….geez Ken is good, if you guys need a web site or know someone who does….he’s your guy. There is a link to him at the bottom of the new web site. We have already reccomended him to several folks as folks are finally finding out having a nice site is important. I never thought I would see the day that the world revolved around computers, but I was wrong. If you are in business, its a must, folks now turn to the internet first, we see it everyday and unfortunately I think the publications are headed way down or out. Seems like in today’s world your address has to do with a web page or an email…

well out to the shop, and make some sawdust..later ya”ll

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3 Responses to Armoire and Mirror

  1. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Memo….dirty work coat and tools on the customers bedding… tisk,tisk,tisk…..:)

    Nice job Beautiful work, I have to ask ,is the hardware from Horton Brasses? (have you noticed I’m into hardware lately)

    Awesome, how do you do it!!


  2. intheworkshop says:

    no thats the customers coat, mine was in the truck, and yes the hardware is Horton brasses,

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    looking nice. like you say its all in the detail. the bookmatch on the two face pieces for the gooseneck really look good that way. details, details, details!

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