Its Cherry Time

Yesterday, I got some cherry in from Justin and Billy at Willow Run, all 12″ and wider. I need to sort through it to see if it will do what I want on this slant front desk. I’ve also emailed Skip at Good Hope to see what he may have. We also have a Step Back Cupboard to build out of Curly Cherry, the Slant Front Desk is regular cherry, I want as wide material as I can get. The desk is about 38″ tall x 20″ deep and approx 40″ wide as I recall. It has some pigeon holes and a prospect door, but nothing super fancy. I need to decide what hardware we want to use and get this puppy cooking. I’m gonna skim plane the Cherry from Willow Run and see what I have. To do two board sides and the writing surface wouldn’t bother me, but I want a one board drop front, which is about 13 3/4″ wide and of course the drawer fronts, they graduate from 7″ up to 4″.

Slant Front Desk - Side Pattern

Slant Front Desk - Side Pattern

The reason I am going to do this here is that I want to show you how I do cases. I do them a bit different, a lot of sliding dovetails, but don’t get scared. They really are not that hard and they cure a lot of ills that I have seen in many antiques. Slant Fronts may seem difficult, but they are not….so I will bring you along one step at a time.

Today I need to decide on hardware, get it ordered and skim plane the cherry. I want to keep it as thick as possible. Skip at Good Hope says he may have one board sides and has it in 5/4, that would be really nice…let’s see what he comes up with.

I did get the face frames on the oven unit yesterday and now I need to get the upper units wrapped up, get some paint going on these cabinets….been holding off a little to see if it is going to warm up any, but looks like its not, so might as well get done…

Interior Pigeon Hole Proto-Type

Interior Pigeon Hole Proto-Type

The photo above is of the pattern I have used time and again for the sides of the slant front desk and the photo to the left is my proto-type simplistic pigeon holes that go inside. I have some really unique hidden compartments inside the desk as well.

Later ya’ll

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2 Responses to Its Cherry Time

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    nice. i can’t wait to see the desk!

  2. bob says:

    looks like some decent cherry. Not a lot of sap. Nice of Billy to find that for you. bob

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