More Cabinets

Here are a few pictures of some of the cabinets. I’ve still got to face frame the tall unit that will house a built in oven. They are using the original oven and boy did I have to hunt to get all the specifications on it. Now we can get it wrapped up, thanks to you guys who helped me find the specs. I’ll get to the upper units and I’m done with the cases….then it’s paint time! One of the things you will note is that the regular primer will not seal or cover the print on the plywood. This is only one coat that I was testing to see how well the under coater from General Finishes would do to smooth up this plywood. I gotta tell ya, it did great. What you are seeing has been sanded, it may have covered the print….I didn’t bother to check, because I am going to give it a coat of shellac, (2 lb cut, (seal coat), that will prevent any thing from bleeding through….and I mean anything. Then a coat of the under coater, sand it smooth with some 220, and then perhaps a light coat of under coater, just to be sure all is covered. I could also use some BIN, from Zinsser, we talked about the products and put links in the Forum.
The BIN is as good a sealer primer as I have found under anything painted. It’s a shellac base so that should tell the story…and it does do a good job of sealing plywood and MDF. It takes several coats and no matter what you use, several coats are always needed….
I still have to build the bases. Building them separate to form the toe kicks is something I always do. Then I can simply set them on the floor and do my leveling, if I need to shim or whatever, I can get to everything easily and when they are level, I set the cabinets on top, screw them to the bases and I am done.

Until we get the regular player up, the rosette carving video is only in rotation on our “Video of the Day” but it has been published at Fine Woodworking Magazine’s Glue Tube, if you missed it last week, here is the link to view it on GLUE TUBE. Don’t be too shy, leave a thumbs up or a comment if you liked the video! We will be working a lot more with FWW this year and have been asked to be a regular contributor on Glue Tube so check often for new videos there, not just by me but by others as well. Matt at Fine Woodworking thought the Visit to a Specialty Lumber Mill video would be a nice addition to their video library so it will be going up on Glue Tube the end of this week. In the future, we will be premiering some videos there first but we’ll keep you posted.

Well, as of noon today we officially have a new President. He will be sworn in at 12 noon and I just hope in the coming months and years, he isn’t getting sworn at! I do pray for knowledge and common sense to prevail, but in politics neither seem to be in abundence. At least folks are optomistic, thats a good thing. I am one of those who has learned to “wait a bit” before getting excited. Like buying a new dovetail jig or other tool, visions of all you are going to do and dreams of all you might do can often be short lived when it comes time to learn how to use it, not to mention the limitations you soon learn….but again I hope for the best.

Oh well I ain’t in line for a bailout so its back to work, later ya” safe.

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