Nothing is Straight

well its Monday, and we all know about them, over the weekend I did about nothing, worked on these kitchen cabinets some , as well as some other stuff, but mostly just let my head clear…I did manage to clean up a little and get things a bit more organized…seems i had every tool i have out using on the cabinets…why is that, seems no matter what I do, it takes all kinds of stuff to do it, used not to be that way, of course then I didn’t have all the tools I do today, one of the things I had to deal with was bowed , twisted and non flat plywood, what a pain, I recall quite well being able to buy plywood that was for the most part flat and level, The cabinets we are replacing had plywood doors, they were built in the early 70’s, and they were flat and straight still, I had to clamp and biscuit and brace and reinforce about everything in these to get them square and straight…I see these guys doing alot of faceless cabinets, How ?
I mean its hard to get a section thats 30″ tall thats straight, how do you get drawers to fit and doors to hang, I am doing faced ones, which I still have to do the face frames, if it were not for the faces, which I am doing out of poplar, I dont know how one would ever get it decent, of course I could go buy the 100.00 a sheet stuff, and it would be much better, but this is simple box store variety, and like I said in a previous post, I went thru about all of it to get the best I could find , Oh well, I was able to clamp and hold everything straight and square, and will do the same installing the face frames…so it will do ok, but it sure is taking alot more time than I figured, but then again ,I dont profess to be a kitchen cabinet expert, but we will prevail , well lets get to the face frames, cause we got a clock and a desk to build…later ya’ll

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7 Responses to Nothing is Straight

  1. Newton Eunice says:

    Charles, when building plywood things and face frames I think this might be the time to check into Sommerfelds tongue and groove. You would never considsider it for what you normally build but with this the face frames are done first and everything else goes with them and would help keep straight. I know what you mean about the $50 plywood at the box stores. Just a thought hope cold is letting but keep it up your way. docnewt

  2. intheworkshop says:

    Doc , I thought about that, but then decided to just go the old way, Its coming on pretty good now and It will be fine…I have several sets of T & G bits, but just couldnt see slamming them into this pine plywood, pine is tough on bits, I have upon ocassion also used a set of cope and stick door bits for making inter locking pieces..

  3. kevin says:

    Charles, I had to laugh we are in the same boat, I’m starting a couple built ins and a vanity, I pick the best ply they had, stepped up from box store to a lumberyard I’ve luck with in the past and just payed more for the same ….. any way I feel your pain. I hate ply

  4. intheworkshop says:

    well i got the face frames on , despite the plywood, this stuff is as crooked as a politician…geez

    Glad this stuff is getting painted..where is the body filler…..glue ,staple gun, body filler, this is wood butchering at its best…

  5. Rob McEwen says:

    I gave up fighting pine plywood I’ll spend the extra for box store birch cheapest I can find just to save my sanity I try pine every so often and just get so frustrated with it that it takes all the fun of building getting to old to get so frustrated. I think maybe if I look at it as a challenge instead of a pain it wouldn’t be so bad not. Don’t let the plywood win


  6. When I remodeled my kitchen, I bought some birch plywood at HD that was cheaper than than another stack at the same store. The surface looked good and I couldn’t figure out why they were cheaper, but when I cut out the pieces for the carcasses, I notice the plys were just pieced together. They were all uneven and and I really had a problem keeping things square. It took a lot of clamping. I later bought the higher priced sheets and things went a lot better. BTW, this was the first time I ever tackled a job of this kind.

  7. intheworkshop says:

    rob, we whipped that plywood butt, I would have gone for the birch, its actually what i went after, but it was far worse than the pine..and at double the cost , i figure waht was the point…they are importing all this stuff from all over…it looks like to me the stuff wasnt dried very well before making the plys…I have had this stuff litterly pop in half when i cut it.and not to mention the veneer is tissue paper…the pine was a choice of like said, getting the best of the worst

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