Might Cool Today, and Cabinets Started

Its colder than a well diggers butt….2 degrees, but I also know that for a lot of you guys that’s a heat wave, but for here it’s cold…get some bird seed and throw it out…help the critters and get them some shelter…they depend on us.

Well, Sherri is shipping some DVDs, “The Magic of Routers” and the new “Re-Sawing,” Ya know I really wanted to do the Re-Saw for free, but it just took too long, really didn’t want to have to do a DVD out of it, but I just didn’t know where we could cut it, so we simply tried to price it as low as we could. I’ve got one upcoming on making doors….not sure if the new video stuff will allow us to do it free or if we have to do the same….but then again a lot of folks tell us they like having the video, so not sure where to go, But it will sort itself out I’m sure. REMEMBER THE DVD’S ARE ON SALE THRU SUNDAY ONLY only by clicking on the link in your newsletter or by CLICKING RIGHT HERE!

well I’m hard into the cabinets, and other than boxes, its not alot to show, the main focus on these and the real reason for doing them here is that they are painted, now we are going to use a water based system all the way through, these are made out of the same pine plywood we used on the other set , a couple months ago, its box-store, 3/4″ pine…now one of the things we are going to do is to seal it all down with a coat of shellac, simply because its pine, now pine , because of its higher resin content can discolor paints and knot’s will actually weep sap, plywood isn’t too bad, but not going to take a chance, and besides the shellac will allow me to give it a light scuff sand with some 320, and that will yield me a smoother surface, then I am going to use a edge sealer, its about the thickness of mayonnaise , it requires at least a 2.0 or 2.5 spray tip to spray, you can thin it a bit, but you can also brush it on, it will seal down about any thing, sort of like a filler , it seals down MDF edges, plywood edges…then another good 320 sanding , and I spray my paint, I’m using General Finish’s Milk paint in antique white, its tough, super tough, but it has a very dull, or matte sheen, so I am going to topcoat it with a clear coat…they will be beautiful and tough, now the only issue I have at the moment is that they are going to get plank doors with a routed edge profile, now MDF would be the logical choice, but MDF screw holding power, with the euro hinges , even with the pressed inserts , leaves alot to be desired in my book, plywood is a better choice, but to find plywood that is decently flat is not easy, but I have some thoughts ,and will show you want  I come up with.
Now typically I don’t do cabinets, so I don’t profess to be a expert on them, so as we go any of you who do alot of them, please feel free to jump in and share your knowledge,
As I said these are pine boxes, poplar face frames, pocket screws, biscuits, glue and staples, now before I get scolded about the staples, (crown), I will tell you this, they hold, better than nails, alot better, but of course I don’t use them in my furniture, but for jigs and cabinets, I do., now with these where its all painted, I don’t have to be super particular, and any filling I need to do ( staple holes, plywood edges, etc), I will use some auto body filler….work’s like a champ.
Well guys, got to get to the gettin, Sherri and Ken are deep into the new website, and all the video stuff,I’ll leave that to them, out of my league…I like wood…later ya’ll

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2 Responses to Might Cool Today, and Cabinets Started

  1. Ace HoleInOne says:

    What pound cut of shellac are you spraying for a seal-coat?


  2. intheworkshop says:

    Seal coat 2 lb…a good Waterbased finish would also do well, I could also use B.I.N primer /sealer by Zinnser, its white, and would prime and seal it as well, its shellac based…excellent stuff, but this pine is pretty rough….so it was a choice of more expensive plywood, which was warped and twisted more than the pine ,or use some finishing skills, and at 25.00 a sheet vs 60 to 70.00 a sheet…a little filler and sanding seemed to be the ticket…besides the pine is American and the other was from everywhere else, you could see the glue under the veneer…I will however probably use some 1/4″ birch faced to cover some of the end panels,and still ,Im far cheaper than the expensive junk, including my labor…I just dont get it…

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