news letter day

Well I have wraped up the newsletter…did a little thing on sharpening scrapers….did a write and photos…Now i know there is a ton of info on this out there…but , well we do it a might different…ya might say unconventional ..but geez does it work…, and if we need to I will film it ,we also were able to get a longer time limit on YOUtube…so we added 4 videos, we havent been able to put up….that was cool…youtube brings alot of folks our way…
We have been working hard to get a few more sponsors on board , so we can do this thing well, not big $ , just trying to help cover our cost…we dont profit a dime off of sponsors…the only income we derive is from woodworking and DVd sales…and clips we do for products….but oddly enough alot of the folks who didnt feel our efforts were worth supporting ,are taking another look…I will say this again, if a picture is worth a thousand words a moving one is worth a zillion…and folks like their woodworking with some validity,and a lot of practicality , and most of all reality….huge high dollar productions and alot of spit and polish dont seem to be the way…I remember well all the comments i got about “cleaning up”, and getting polished….dont seem to be hearing them much anymore…now thats funny….but I say it again…I am about teaching , not impressing…just how I see it…
Ok the newsletter gets done and i get started on these cabinets..good thing they are for my niece, or I would be in trouble, cause I am way behind..but whats new right…and we get into the slant front, still got to get a mirror in the mirror ,get it delivered,and get photos of the bed room suite and the armoire, get the clock project done, get some finish on the highboy, got alot of other stuff to get finished as well and its a might cool , and everything is waterbase…so I will crank the heat up, and also slightly warm my finish ,and rock on…Oh yes…In the not to distant future we are going to finish one of the Bombe’s…you will like that, it will be a grainfilled mahogany…its built ..just needs some wrap up and scraping and sanding… a &*^$ load to do…so best get to the gettin…..

I want to interject something here..alot have suggested we do a subscription or pay for view thing…or pay to ask a question…its not going to happen…money is a needed thing,and a necassary thing…but thats not what this is about…between ourselves and the sponsors we will do it as long as we can…just how it is…

later Ya’ll

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4 Responses to news letter day

  1. Monte West says:

    I liked your last comment. As long as you can do what you are doing you will support the woodworker for free. I think a lot of people think that woodworker are into woodworking to get rich. For you and it’s the joy of doing and sharing our abilities with others.
    Have a nice day and I hope to meet both of you soon.

  2. Newton Eunice says:

    I can imagine the struggle with trying to get more sponsors in this economy. We just appreciate your attitude about wanting to educate without charging. I have always been amazed at the work you and Sherri are willing to put into this venture. Most of us are not commercial woodworkers and would not be able learn from someone like you if we had to continually pay.Although I would find a way6 to pay for Charles but haven’t seen anybody else I would. The new page seems to going good and glad Sherri has some help now..Looking forward to newsletter since I am confined to recliner for few weeks. docnewt

  3. Ben Birdsill says:

    I’ll try not to gush too much here. It’s the fact that there is so much information here and that you’re so willing to help (as is everyone else) that makes me actually seek out your sponsors. I want to see this keep going, so I’ve been trying to do my part by spending where it counts. I consider the added value of your efforts as part of the “you get what you pay for” when supporting the sponsors.
    I’ve been disappointed to see Sawstop’s continued absence from the sponsor list, so I wrote them about it. Your tour of their saw helped them sell me mine.
    “If you can’t cut weenies, at least you can support Charles Neil!”

  4. Mike Galloway says:

    Well said Ben!!

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