Rosette Carving , Video of the day

the video of the day is carving the rosettes…as promised…check it out and read Sherri info below for the new website

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5 Responses to Rosette Carving , Video of the day


    I can’t seem to open (video of the day). I use firefox and never had a problem before.Is there possibly a glitch with the new website? thanks

  2. David Harms says:

    thanks for the video on carving charles you make it look easy !! loving the new site.

  3. Ken Weinert says:


    I’ll do a quick note here, but send an email to so we can carry this on offline.

    Do you have javascript enabled? That’s the most likely reason I can think of that you wouldn’t be able to see the video.

    I’m using Firefox (on Linux and Windows) and I’m not having a problem, so it’s not strictly a Firefox thing. Some more info on your system (when you send the email) would be appreciated.

    Sorry you’re having a problem and we’ll work on getting it solved.


  4. James says:

    Great video!
    I just found your website and noticed your from New Market. When I was a young boy my neighbor took us to an old general store on the RR line and it had a junk yard behind, full of great old cars. I know your part of NoVa now and it’s grown so much, does that ring a bell.


  5. intheworkshop says:

    james…the old store is now gone, but thats about it, New market has remained unchanged to a great degree, and we havent been invaded by notheren Virginia as of yet,,,but we do alot of business up that way…

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