Well, hijacking Charles’ blog today. I am pleased to announce that our new web site has gone live as of Monday, January 12th……sort of.

Ken has been working so hard on the site and we’re so excited about the changes that are going to be possible. For now, only the main page has changed over, the links take you back to the old site and will until we get the interior pages re-vamped. We went live with the main page because of the video player issue and the loss of Brightcove, who is still allowing the players to be used until the end of January, but….I can’t access them so they are stuck as is.

Oh, the new address is:

Click Here to Go to the NEW WEB SITE

The “Video of the Day” and “Today’s Quote” are active and will change daily…..with one exception. On the video of the day, when a new video is uploaded, we will leave it for a couple of days before moving to the “Video Jukebox” which isn’t live yet.

So, give the new page a test drive and let us know what you think. Just remember, we’re still working the bugs out and many of you have made suggestions such as a gallery for you to upload projects, etc. and we will be incorporating a lot of new stuff….the goal right now is to get back to where we were with the old site first.

One last note. Please make note that it has come to our attention that Internet Explorer, version 6 and earlier, is not displaying the page correctly, it is our recommendation that if you are using Internet Explorer, that for a number of reasons, including security, that you upgrade.

Here is the link to upgrade: Click Here to Upgrade Internet Explorer

There is also a Thread on our forum for new announcements about the web site, for feedback and for Suggestions.

Click Here to Visit the Forum


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