Rosettes Completed

Okay, I have the Rosettes completed and installed….I have some touch-up sanding of everything and it’s off to get some finish and then it’s done.

One of the things I am going to do this afternoon is to film making the rosettes from start to finish, Sherri insist it needs filmed. Since I now have them down to a science and I promise when you see how easy they are you won’t ever be intimidated again.
That’s exactly what I want….as I have said before, I realize a lot of you won’t ever do one and that’s fine, but having a concept of how you can do it, just might get you a little inspired and willing to venture out some….I do not profess to be a master carver….actually it’s one of those things I have avoided in my professional world, because of the time involved and being able to get paid to do it. Typically the time is in
deciding what it is we want to do, and getting the pattern down, usually the carving itself isn’t all that bad, that’s why here, we wanted something easy to lay out and figure out, and that looked nice, I think we achieved it.

Okay, so now I have to go get the proper names and sizes for the chisels, and get all the other stuff off the bench, bleach the dye off my hands, sand my fingernails, (dye and stain)( yea, I know what gloves are for), and get to filming, guess I should have combed my hair this morning instead of grabbing a baseball cap, Oh well, Im not interested in impressing ya, but rather teaching ya.

A lot of you have emailed about carving chisels, that’s tough. Typically, every time you have a carving to do it seems to involve more chisels, after all they are what do the work. In this case, I used a gouge (half moon shaped chisel), to define the petals, then a couple others to do different things. Here is a list of the chisels I used.

Woodcraft #05f88 #7 25 fishtail gouge

Woodcraft #05h25 – #12 22 sweep wing parting tool

Woodcraft #05h20 – 3 mm stahli v parting tool

Woodcraft #05j05 – 3 mm 60degree v parting tool

Woodcraft #05a10 – 8 mm #1 double sided sweep skew cut chisel $30.99

First thing you will notice is that chisels aren’t cheap….and you might find them at a lesser price, but Woodcraft’s catalog has all the various profiles shown which makes picking out the profiles easy and they have the Pfeil as well.

As you will see, in reality, I did very little “carving,” I let the chisels define it….and it takes about 20 minutes to carve it….very, very simple….okay guys….it’s ” Hey Ya’ll I’m Charles Neil” time …

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5 Responses to Rosettes Completed

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    oh man i can’t wait. by the way nice new site!

  2. intheworkshop says:

    Denis, we are working on the site, its coming…and the rosettes are filmed…

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    nice. i gotta get my homework done quick. those poplar board i posted on the forum are all cut up and rough milled. and they are ready to be finished milled.

  4. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Geez, those chisels aren’t cheap. Buy a few more of those you can have one of those Sears Craftsman carving machine. Just joking.

    Looks sweet!


  5. intheworkshop says:

    You are correct ace the chisels arent cheap..but you see alot on ebay as well, but the really cheap ones dont do well they wont hold an edge very long

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