gettin there

Yesterday, in and among every thing else, I got my finials done as well as the pillow panels. The mirror is wrapped up so today I will get the rosettes carved and then it’s off for some finish and out of here!

One of the things I elected to do was to change the flame twist….the outer ones, the twist itself is larger and of course it’s a left twist on the left and a right twist on the right.
I did this by dividing the length into 3 sections instead of 4. Now, I am assuming here that most of you have watched the turning a flame finial on you tube.

The center finial I did the normal 4 sections….It’s just one of those things, it’s more of a makers mark than anything, but it was very typical of the period pieces to do something to denote the center finial, and while I have no proof, it would be my opinion that depending on the direction of the center finial twist, ( left or right) , it would denote which handed the maker was, as it is a bit cumbersome to do the finial in reverse of your normal dominant hand, so one would assume that the maker would certainly use the most comfortable approach. Anyway, I set the finial up for several different options as you can see in the photo. Once the rosettes are done and installed I have a few choices I can make using different finial bases, I like the tallest one which uses the same base as the outer finials, but when all is said and done we will see…

I took a shot of the Mirror which uses a much simpler version, just doesn’t compare, but its what the client wanted and of course wasn’t willing to pay for the the extra time and effort. It also goes along with the bedroom suite we did, and the armoire we didn’t get get pictures of, but I will when I go install the mirror… it’s a nice set, but by simply adding some unique finials if nothing else would have certainly, set it apart, my whole issue with this set is that while its all solid walnut, it just has a very ..well average look, the bed doesn’t, but it’s what they wanted and it helps pay the bills..and that’s why I do what I do, I have gotten to the point I just build it, unless they ask and want my input I just go with what they want, unless it creates me alot of construction issues or is too far out there, like this set, simple little turned finial is a whole lot easier and quicker than anything else…but just thought you would like to see the difference, a little extra time and effort makes.

It’s off to carve some rosettes and get this done…later y’all.

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One Response to gettin there

  1. Kevin Jaynes says:

    Reading your comments about not trying to steer customers any more, makes me glad I’m not in the remodeling business any longer. I had got to the point where I had no patience for some types of customers, and that’s when you got to get out, so I did.

    It’s going to look nice though when you’re done.

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