Spray Guns are In

Well for months I have been telling you that Woodcraftasked me to test some HVLP spray guns for them and that they would be arriving soon….well they are in. Click Here to View

I cannot understand how they sell these for the price they do, but I can tell you this, these guns performed extremely well, the large ( #149388 ) gun comes with a 1.4 nozzle and has a 2.0 available for thicker heavier materials like paint), but the 1.4 will handle both solvent and Water based fluids, the #149392 is a smaller version (it has a photo error on the website) and is great for small projects and close-in work. Again, all I am telling you is that I have personally tested these guns and found them to be excellent so don’t let the price scare you!!!! Just so you know. these guns require that you have an air compressor and in the newsletter upcoming in a few days these will be featured as well as an article on compressor sizes.

Well, yesterday I ended up having a lot of other business stuff occupy part of my day, but I did manage to get the sizing for my finial bases, and got them turned and the finial sizing down as well. I need to do the twist carving which will be a double twist like the bombe and then I need to work out the center finial and base.

The center finial and base will be slightly different and the finial is smaller…not by a lot but just slightly. I also worked out my pillow panel pattern and re-sawed the walnut to make them. Today, if all goes well, I will get all the finial’s and the two pillow-panels wrapped up and move on to the rosettes.

As I was turning these pieces I thought of how most folks simply look for a specific pattern or a plan. That’s okay, but don’t be afraid to experiment some. Be aware that working out the sizing and specifics, like these finials and so forth, are part of the process and often the joy. I have often spent days making a jig or figuring out what size something needs to be. Yesterday I turned about 4 finials before I felt I had the look I wanted. Some were too short or the bottom of the actual finial wasn’t tall enough, but finally, I  got what I wanted and of course I then made an extra so I would have a pattern. I took a photo of the completed piece and denoted all the critical measurements. Filing it away helps for future reference. I have patterns and pieces of patterns all over the place, it’s like the slant front desk we are getting ready to make, I have all my patterns in full size as well as all my layout’s.

Well off to get this done and I need to finish up a mirror, (finishing), and getting things ready to start some cabinets as well as get the slant-front going….so, life is busy, and that’s a good thing. Not complaining, would much rather wonder how I’m going to get it all done instead of what I’m going to do…later ya’ll…

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3 Responses to Spray Guns are In

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    cool. that looks like a nice gun to try out. i would try it out if i didn’t use the hvlp now. its not the best but the compressor in the attic. it shakes the house as it is in the basement. the hvlps work nice though

  2. Ace HoleInOne says:

    I like the little touch-up hvlp gun. Sprays very nice. Mine looks like the big one in the picture above, but only smaller.

    Sir Charles…what can we say….marvelous work…are you sure Mikega didn’t turn those for you?


  3. Mark lambert says:

    I use this gun and really like it seems to be a step up from my old Binks…

    Best thing is the cost when I purchased it I though I was just get a low cost gun for hack work. I was a plesent suprize to see the way it flat got the job done.

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