Back to the Grind

Well, holidays are over, and it grind time….its a new year, got a new president coming in, alot of positives in an otherwise negative scene, and as we have told you we have alot going on.I’m very optimistic for 2009,

I got the big entertainment center delivered, as well as some other stuff, and forgot the camera, yea I know, but I am going back later in the week to deliver a big mirror that sits  on top of the dresser….and I am starting a slant front desk out of cherry, you will enjoy the tag along on that one, again its one of those things that looks complicated but isnt, I did this desk in a class several times and it went very well, I often get email’s from folks telling me , “you keep saying it isnt difficult”, but it looks difficult to me, well its not, it can get involved , but just remember to look at it , one step at a time, breaking it down into steps is what makes it easier, and being able to wrap your thinking around one step at a time, allows for complicated projects , to be mastered, remember…”sneak up on it”.

  Today , I need to wrap up some projects I have had going, and get into others….got a set of cabinets to build, the desk, another stepback,  chairs , and several other cabinets you will certainly find “intriguing”, and I am filming the Hancock Shaker Clock, finally….so it off to the shop …and gettin to the grind….”A bad day woodworking is better than a good day , doing about anything else….”…..later ya’ll

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One Response to Back to the Grind

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    ”A bad day woodworking is better than a good day , doing about anything else….”

    so true …. so true 🙂

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