Interesting Piece

Big Bob ( Bob Kloes), sent me this link from Sothebys auction, its a Bombe Chest on Chest,

Click Here to View at Sotheby’s

It’s expected to bring 800k to 1.2 million $

It’s also the twin to the one’s we have made with exception to the goose neck doesnt have rosette’s

Here is a Photograph of Mine

and as well here is a little video in the heat of making 4 at once….

View Video – The Making of a Bombe Chest on Chest

It’s interesting how the bombe’s are starting to get a lot of attention, and it will be interesting to see where the price ends on this one.
We have toyed with doing a full length video on making one, but it would be time consuming and require a ‘lot of patterns as well, and it’s a simple matter of justifying the time and effort, which to date has not been the case, it would cost about 5k just for materials and hardware and I doubt enough would have enough interest to make it balance…but it would be nice to see it done, and have the patterns, i had the priviledge of copying the one in Colonial Willimsburg, which is mentioned in the write up, and have every pattern, as well, it’s the flame finial we did on you tube, and its the same one we have sitting here some of you have seen, and we are now getting ready to finish up, so perhaps if we follow the auction and it does well, and considering we are the only ones I know of who have been allowed to examine the piece and have the patterns from the orginial, we may see if there is something we can do with it, I personally would enjoy doing the video for you and i think you would really enjoy as well as learn a ton from it, its one of those pieces that looks overwhelming but really isn’t, its a bit time consuming, but i built the last one in about 60 or 70 hours, but that was having done a few,and having all the patterns worked out, I think i will put this out in the newsletter and see what kind of interest it generates…I presented this piece to one of the big Magizines, and they considered it too ambitious and said it would take several issues, but i still think its a great piece to show, I know Tommy Mac Donald has one out there ( T-Chisel), and his is a great piece, so dont know if we need both of them…but again its a great piece to teach from, alot of hand planing and hand work, ( i like that), and when done it ,is quite an impressive piece…so we will watch the auction, and see where it goes…one of the problems is that the patterns would have to be done in full size and shipped…that would be tough in its self, and other than simply tracing everything out, i think it would be cost prohibitive to have them done. so we will see., but i just thought you would find it interesting and enjoyable to see, and to see how it does at auction.
well more DVD’s are headed out the door, alot going overseas, go figure…thats cool…well tomorrow we will deliver the big entertainment center and some other stuff and Monday we will try to get some photos of it and some other stuff up, and as i have told you we have some really cool and educational stuff coming, as soon as we have our new website up and running,as well as our video player…I really think you will like our new look as well as our new videos and all, well got to run, stuff to do, catch ya’ll later and Happy New Year …looking forward to 2009…i think it will be our year


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4 Responses to Interesting Piece

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    that would be cool. i would love to see a bombe being made i saw the one t chisel made and it is a very cool piece

  2. David Harms says:

    I can only aspire to make something like this!!

    i’ve watched your time lapse several times Charles, a true master piece and any one who owns one of yours should be proud.

  3. Jan Egil Sjåstad says:

    Would be interesting to see it beeing made, especially the
    lower curved part.
    But making a video of this would of course take time away from something else…

  4. Rob McEwen says:

    Bombay interest just wondering if it would be possible for it to be down sized maybe a jewery box or small chest size maybe just the lower section to make it a project to follow by just.


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