Happy New Year

Well they say “What ever you are doing on New Years Day, you will be doing the rest of the year, “, Well guess what I am going to be doing,  Filming some free stuff for you, , helping ship some DVD’s, and doing some article outlines for some upcoming articles for some Magazine’s, and outlining some upcoming DVD, and free videos,we plan to start filming very shortly.

  2009 will be very interesting, as I have told you we are undergoing some Major changes in the video and website, as well as looking to organizing schedules to include time to do filming and posting, something that has been in very short supply in 2008, In essence we are fixin to “kick this thing in the butt”, we have had to deal with alot of issues in 2008 around technical issues, learning curves ,but we have got that behind us and we are getting the commissioned orders completed as well, all of this now affords us the time to look at where we want to go with this, and FORWARD is the chosen path, teaching and helping our friends and fellow woodworkers.

Its Interesting, of all we did in the router DVD, the three things I have had the most comments on are bump cutting, and the thing a ma jig.and the carving of the pie crust, ( its # 1 )..and that my head got cut off alot in the video, I laughed at that and said ” Its what im doing that counts”, looking at me isnt going to teach you a thing, and I wanted the close in of what we are doing, and my big &**(   and the action simply dont fit…), its something we have learned ,that there is a huge difference in “how and about”, so our focus is on how,

several things we are workin on, are “colors”, I get alot of emails about colors, and as we did in the last newsletter , where we did sample boards of poplar showing different stains and dye combinations, it prompted me to start looking into other ways, one will be for me to do nice sized color samples, photograph them ( professionally), and be able to do a color bank ,that can be viewed or printed, technologhy affords us now the coding ,to be able to produce accurate color samples via computer transfer, its somewhat like the paint stores use to make paint to match a cloth swatch, it will certainly take some time and alot of effort, but will be a huge help IIthink.

  One of the things I did in the router DVD was to be as nonproduct as I could, I just didnt want it to be about  any specific product, but i have had emails asking for the specifics on the bits I used, as well as the pie crust pattern, and the goose neck pattern, both shape and profile, so I am going to try to get that done in a downloadable PDF., and I will list the specific bits I used as well as my own personal source.

I will get some emails about ,taking some time off,instead of working tomorrow, but ya know there is nothing I enjoy more than being able to show what I have learned, and to hear what i have shown has helped someone…I have said it many times before, I remember quite well having to figure out how to do something, because there was no books, or instruction available, so while I cannot boast of renouned school degrees, I CAN show what a lifetime of experience has taught…and I plan to do just that, so 2009…here we come.


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7 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Ace HoleInOne says:



  2. Ben Birdsill says:

    Happy New Year back at ya, Charles, and thanks for all your wisdom over the last year.

  3. Kevin Jaynes says:

    Happy new year Charles and Sherri.

    2008 was great, and we’re looking forward to an even finer oh-niner!

  4. Jan Egil Sjåstad says:

    Good luck to you….and a happy new year…

  5. David Harms says:

    happy new year Charles and Sherri, I hope it is a great one!!

  6. Serge Courchesne says:

    Happy New Year Sherri and Charles continue the good work

  7. Monte West says:

    Happy New Year back to both of you and your families. What are the big surprises? When and what’s the deal with the Shaker Clock? Don’t forget to clean up the house and dishes before Sherri get back home.

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