Twixt and Tween

That’s where we are  Twix ,Tween Christmas and New Year…that’s southern for in between….This is probably one of the most useless weeks  of all…got to clean up all the mess from Christmas or whatever , take down the lights…unless of course you live in my neck of the woods, in which case they are also used as porch lights and stay up all year, I have actually seen folks paint around them..and while you think that’s strange, the fact that some of them painted is even stranger…Ya got trash bags covering the curb , again unless you here, then you got the makin’s of a good Bon-fire, and if ya had a  natural tree , then ya got all them needles dropping all over, and ya got to drag it out, and it sure isn’t as much fun dragging them out as it was in…and then ya got to fix the holes in the wall where ya got mad and nailed rope to it to hold the tree up , because the stand didn’t work…and put the furniture back…and all of that, ya went thru just to get some socks and underdrawers, but hopefully ya got some of my DVD’s ( sorry couldn’t help myself), and we swear we not gonna do it again, but we always do…aren’t we the bright ones…..and then of course comes the best part….balancing checkbooks and getting credit card statements…but I think this year perhaps a little common sense prevailed, and folks didn’t go nuts…and I hope its a trend that will continue…I dislike very much the  commerical end of it, it has lost the real reason for the celebration,  but it seems it has become a time when we feel pressured to spend, and that we owe something…and we feel guilty if we don’t……I love the holiday, as do most who celebrate it, but I simply refuse to let all the hype over power it, and its funny , you hear alot of folks saying they really hate it, and its because of all the commercial pressure …Thats  sad, and now because we didn’t go as stupid as all the retailers had hoped , they want a bail out….well guess what I want a bail out too …I could use a million or  two ,how about you…

Here is one for ya, go to the census bureau and look up how many households in the US , earn less that 200 k a year, then divide  that  into 800 billion….I think it comes out to about 165,000.00 per household…now that’s what 800 billion is…and if they really need to stimulate the economy…how about send those check’s to the folks… Tax free, .It would show up in the economy, the banks, stop foreclosures, and give something to invest…think about it..and I know we got some “accounting “folks in here so someone check  my math…my calculator don’t go this high…and I might be off by a couple grand…

  Well, since Sherri has been away visiting her son in Savannah, I have had the shop to myself, and the computers ( that ain’t good), but I got some pictures, and been working faithfully ,so when she returns we will get them up and get all this going strong, but twix and tween that I am trying to get stuff done , so we can get to the gettin…I want to get to the clock, as well as about 10 other things, but this workin , paying bills , eatin thing keep’s gettin in the way…got to figure a way around that…but in all seriousness , we got alot going on, Our website, video housing and everything is being done, and its being done by one of us..Not going to call any names because , I haven’t asked permission, and I don’t want him overwhelmed with computer questions, but I know its gonna be good, because Ole Ken, ask questions , I don’t even know what  he ask, so he and Sherri are “handling” it,  I delegate well!!

 well speaking of Delegating , there isn’t anyone to delegate to0, so I guess I got to get to the gettin myself….my shop looks sorta like the county dump…and we have been blessed with very warm temperatures , so before she returns I will get the leaf blower ,open all the doors and “clean up”…well maybe…    Happy twix and tween…catch ya’ll later…

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5 Responses to Twixt and Tween

  1. Ben Birdsill says:

    I hear what you’re saying about the economy, Charles, and I agree whole heartedly, however…. I did what you said and went to the US Census website and looked up how many households make under $200,000 per year. From their data, that would be 111,609,629 x .943 = 107,480,072 households.
    800,000,000,000 divided by 107,480,072 = $7,443.24 per household.
    Am I looking at this wrong, or is this one of those “92% of statisticians lie 64% of the time” things?

  2. intheworkshop says:

    ben Im not sure…I actually had Sherri look it up,and she was saying something about households vs individuals…thats why I wanted some of you to check it out…you very well may be correct…what i was after was for folks to realize what actually 800 billion is, because to the average person its a word , not a number..and then figure out what a trillion is ,because these guys are throwing these numbers around like its nothing…but we and our kids and great great grandkids got to pay it back.. so to understand ,assuming you are correct ,every time they drop 800b , every one of our households has to cough up 7500.00, …Just food for thought

  3. Ben Birdsill says:

    Like Everett Dirkson once said to his cohorts in the Senate: “A billion here, a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking real money!”

  4. intheworkshop says:

    well said Ben…very well said…Im still trying to get my calculator to work..I tried a pencil, but that was worse 🙂

  5. Monte West says:

    Yes, Christmas came and went. It was a lot of fun playing with the grandchildren. Just finished looking at the Router DVD. I liked them, but I wished I had them three years ago. The reason was the part about going into curves and having a lot of tear out. I was building a crib and the slats had tight curves. After a while and by accident I saw a article about doing what I had to do. I used your technique of bumping in and running with the grain. By the way the two oldest got there first tools bag and I added Safety glasses and ear protection. They liked then.. The next project is to cut out bird houses.
    Good Chsirtmas

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