My Best to All

Well its Christmas Eve, and I hope all is well , I will be here doing my thing ,getting furniture made, and trying to catch up as best I can, We have been working hard to get this done,and are progressing, but for a little while we will turn our focus to things other than work, and enjoy our family’s, and I hope you will as well, Irrespective of your beliefs ,or faith, I wish you well, and a blessed day, I hope all of you in these times of doom and gloom, find comfort that we are not alone, but through our forums and this blog,we have been blessed with a group of friends,that we normally would have never known, while many of us may never meet,it is irrespective to the relationships that have formed, and continue to grow. It is simply the fact that we are not alone,in our concerns and struggles ,you have friends who will lend an ear, lend a hand,or do whatever we need to do to help each other, that’s Family, and I personally couldn’t be happier,If nothing ever comes from all of our effort, the outreach and bonds that have formed, are sufficient.
I cannot tell you things will improve rapidly, or the world will become less volatile , but I will assure you we will be here, and will help any we can ,ever how we can…
One of the things we are doing is a complete rework of our website, video player and all that stuff,of which I have about “Zero”  knowledge, but thru this same bond of friends we have found one who does and is helping put together “something special”, for all of us…It will take a bit of time, but it will be well worth the wait, It is amazing how “friends can unite” and achieve anything, and its amazing how far this reaches…all over the world…so I say to all “Happy Hanukkah “, Merry Christmas”, and wish a blessed day for all, irregardless of where you live, or what your beliefs are

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4 Responses to My Best to All

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    Merry Chirstmas too you too! i agree that these friendships that we form are so great. people all over the country and the world that are just great people and we can all help each other out and share a common interest! its just a great thing!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Bop-bop says:

    Merry Christmas Charles and Sherri!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, may the hand of God be will us all.
    Thanks to all for the friendship and knowledge we share.
    GF and Pat

  3. Ace Holeinone says:

    Happy Holidays to you Charles and Sherri and each of your families and to each of you ‘In the Workshop” friends


  4. Humming8ird says:

    Merry Christmas to both Charles and Sherri, may you be blessed throughout the coming New Year as well. And the same to all our online friends too!

    Debbie & Rick

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