‘Bout Done

Well its Monday AGAIN, and Christmas is almost here. I guess I should think about going shopping in the next couple days or so, I hate shopping, but i am an ordering whiz…its easy…Hey Sherri, order this for me and it shows up….but I haven’t ordered either. Might be in a bit of trouble here. Maybe i will glue up some cutting boards. Got some scrap…hey that will work,……… WHOA, wait a minute , did that last year….I will come up with something,

Well I need to turn a finial for the armoire and its all done. I put the pocket doors in, I used Accuride hardware and it did nice. I was pushing the limit on door size, but their is no “racking,” they are doing well…so I will wrap up the sanding and get it finished. On to other things, still way behind but gaining ground. That’s a good thing. I will get some pictures up tomorrow of the armoire just so you can see it. It’s not a super fancy thing, but it’s what the client wants. It may look a bit complicated but it’s not. Basically, two boxes with some mouldings and feet. It’s pretty big, just wrangling it around is a chore and while I have a decent sized shop, it’s pretty full so that didn’t help, but it will be done and gone soon.

Well got to turn a finial, get to sanding, and maybe go shopping a bit.

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4 Responses to ‘Bout Done

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    can’t wait to see it finished. i got out of school today and tomorrow because of the snow and i am so excited!

  2. Bop-bop says:

    How about a 2 bag vac?

  3. Ace HoleInOne says:

    Who let the dog’s out!! WOOF! WOOF!….Who let the dog’s out!! WOOF! WOOF!


  4. Kevin Jaynes says:

    Charles is always in the doghouse anyway. Instead of trying to get out, maybe see about getting tight with those three broads on the doghouse parole board. hehe.

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