Well it would seem some Dummy, after being chastised over all the emails he had stuffed in the email box, and was ordered to clean it up, did so, and cleaned it up very very well, maybe a bit too well as it turns out…so if you have emailed a question or something and havent gotten a response, ya might want to send it again, now i ain’t calling no names, but lets suffice to say I am not allowed to delete any more emails..except for a specific list ,and most of you who are on that list ,know who you are, he he he , and it would seem consideration is being given for me to have my own special email address, or banned from computers totally…hummm…I done told ya..I can wipe out electrical grids for 3 states,just trying to upload a picture.
Well I had a good weekend with Mikega ( Mike Galloway), then again I always do, we got his vanity squared away, he roughed out the box elder i hadent had time to get to, showed me some things on turning bowls and hollow vessels, here is an area where i can get it done, but having someone who has alot more experience at it really helps, I didnt get to spend as much time as i would have liked, but he sure know’s his stuff,one of my big issues was how to hold the chisels, and trying to remove too much material too fast, and i should have known better, because the same applies in turning between the spindals…something i do have alot of experience at, thats why we going to do a video on it, stuff like legs ,bedpost, finials, rosettes, stuff like that…my problem is that doing vessels and bowls, has never been a part of my furniture making, but would have been more of a hobby thing,and there has never been alot of time for that, but since i have been getting a chance to work with it more, i can see where it would be alot of fun, the neat part is you just sort of start turning, and when you done, thats how it was meant to be, none of this 4 or 8 or 20 have to be the same, thats what i am used to,.
Now I let the box elder sit too long, my error, i should have roughed it out asap,or waxed it , or put it in a plastic bag, but i was experimenting with the alcohol drying and stuff, I think that would do well, but you need to rough turn it first, anyway , as soon as Mike roughed it out, i drowned it in seal a cell on one, and Waterlox on the other…I want to see how ,or if I can stabilize it, we will see the results…but now I am heading back to Kevin at texas timbers to get some more…I really like this stuff, its georgeous, I want to do a set of wine glasses, and dinner plates, i think that would be a neat challange, especially the wine glasses.
I think MIke has pictures of his vanity and some different things he is going to post on the forum later in the week.
I was going to put up some pictures of the box elder, but i may wait until tomorrow, Sherri doesnt seem to be in the mood, to deal with them, seems shes tracking down some emails, she seems to be missing..I think i am going to ease out to the shop ,very quietly, closing the door behind me,and get busy working on this armoire, which i been lazy on..Later Ya’ll


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6 Responses to UHH OOPS

  1. intheworkshop says:

    Sorry for the delay in getting the weekly contest posted today, seems the generous list of contest prizes, compliments of Woodcraft has disappeared from my inbox….hmmm. The wonderful gal at Woodcraft is resending so I will get the contest up shortly.

    As someone has already stated, if you have emailed a request or anything for that matter in the past 10 days and have not received a response, would be a good idea to resend it.


  2. Thank you Charles…see I’m not the only one…My little blog I goof around with. I accidentally deleted some text and deleted my entire blogger photo album. Talk about about an oops…so don’t feel to bad.


  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    haven’t done that yet. but i have had two takes of a scene before one mess up and one good one and i delete the wrong one. too late now. have to film it over again with a seperate piece of film and the flow is lost.

  4. Ken Weinert says:

    When you say “Kevin at Texas Timbers” is that this site:



  5. Ken Weinert says:

    Hey Charles, when you say “Kevin at Texas Timbers” is this the site you mean?



  6. intheworkshop says:

    yes ken…thats my guy and gal….super people…they almost family… hard workin, good livin, a little on the redneck side ( good compliment), and as straight and honest as …humm hard to think of a decent example these days…good folks…simply put

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