Just Grins and Grits

Well as promised I took Mike Galloway (mikega), over to Southern Kitchen Restaurant, it’s been here since the late 1940’s, they still have the old juke boxes on the wall. Anyway, I hooked him up on a good old Southern breakfast.

Mikes Big Breakfast

Mike's Big Breakfast

Mike said that he said his normal breakfast consists of a pastry and a Diet Pepsi, mine is usually coffee, not today. Lets see ..he had a bowl of grits , an egg, toast, biscuits and gravy, home fries, and a Pepsi, now I’ve got to tell ya..he ate all the grits… I did a little better than Mike, but we’re not going there. Ed joined us as well, and he out did both Mike and me. Ed had country ham, eggs ,toast, homefries, biscuits and gravy, and a second order of home fries and

Meet Ed

Meet Ed

orange juice and Iced Tea. I got pictures of Mike doing the grits. He must have liked them as he ate them all, and said they were good,( lots of butter,salt and pepper). When it was all said and done, and we waddled back over to the shop everyone moaning and groaning, no thought of lunch or dinner. We started scuffing the seal coat on his vanity and we all look like bloated frogs…and are moving like snails. What was i thinking? I decided to post to the pictures, because
Mikes First Bite of Grits!

Mike's First Bite of Grits!

he has already threatened me. Yesterday when I was dovetailing my drawers, I got my “hind parts afore” I cut the pins in the side pieces, and the tails in the fronts and backs…totally opposite from what they should be…that wasn’t funny..i have no more yellow pine to remake the drawers, so I have to use them, I could get by with them on this project, but I’ve got me an idea. I’ll show it to you later. What was funny was that when I showed Mike my mistake he laughed and said. “So what’s it worth for me not to
Southern Kitchen - New Market, VA

Southern Kitchen - New Market, VA

post this all over the Internet?” ( laughing of course) I said nothing, I’m gonna do it, hey I’m not perfect by a long shot, and this isn’t the first time I’ve done it, nor i doubt the last, normally I just start over, but in this case I don’t have enough wood, ( well actually i do)..I could cut the sides down to make fronts , and remake the sides….but like I said I ‘ve an idea. Won’t be perfect, but it will camouflage my oops enough…here is a hint..Kehoe spline jig…, so here we are sitting, eating breakfast, me taking pictures, Mike shoveling his face, so i look at at him and ask…”so whats it worth for me not to put these all over the Internet?” ….he about spit food all over the place laughing…but he never answered…so here we are!

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11 Responses to Just Grins and Grits

  1. Norman Reid says:

    Ah, the Southern Kitchen! Shortly after I retired, I spent several days in New Market, seeing the signts (and there are plenty!) and enjoying life generally. And every morning I would go to the Southern Kitchen for just the kind of big Southern breakfast you had this morning. Makes my mouth water. The Southern Kitchen is one of the reasons I stayed in New Market as long as I did! Now that I think of it, I believe I remember that they have some rather good pies too. . . .

    Norm Reid

  2. intheworkshop says:

    oh yes norm…homemade pies..best fried chicken in the world..voted so by several big home and food mags…as well as the famous “peanut soup”…just simple good eatin…the key being good

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    I do eat grits, but I usually put butter and hot sauce on them.

    Hopefully that doesn’t mess with your sensibilities too much, as I don’t know if that’s a southern or a western thing. I started with grits after we moved to Denver, didn’t do it too much in Michigan and Ohio.

    Of course, with my parents being from that part of the country (and being country folk) we were pretty much meat and potatoes sort of folks while I was growing up.

    I’ve gotten more adventurous since moving out and being in the service and, in general, moving about and I tend to be pretty eclectic about what I eat. As long as it ain’t moving *too* fast . . .

  4. Larry C says:

    As a “Damn Yankee” I found that you don’t want to eat grits – they make you talk funny.

  5. intheworkshop says:

    Oh Ken..hot sauce is perfectly acceptable, actually about anything is , something got to kill the natural taste…which is “hot water”…
    and larry..as a southerner we see it the opposite…we also find they make you smarter, better looking, and live longer…also grits and turnip green’s , you can have a meal , where 5 or 6 folks can eat all they want for ..oh about 30 cents…

  6. Newton EUNICE says:

    Charles that picture of Mike in the red shirt looking like some I’ve seen you wear. For all of you in the northern tribes jusy about every southern city has a Southern Kitchen. That’s what makes us smart and our ladies so pretty. Right. docnewt

  7. Denis Rezendes says:

    man that looks like a nice breakfast. how i could go for that right now!

  8. Ace Holeinone says:

    Geez Mike at least you could act like it was actually good!! 🙂
    He He….

    How did the vanity turn out?


  9. Mike says:

    Well I ate the WHOLE THING! Them grits really ain’t that bad as long as you mix them in with everything else you are eating for breakfast and the fact that Charles was paying for them made them taste even better. I had a great weekend and I will be writing more about my trip later this week on the blog so y’all
    (oops I mean you all) keep watching.

  10. Mike says:

    I was pretending to me a little Charle’s Neil thats why I wore the red shirt 🙂

  11. Kevin Jaynes says:

    I feel sorry for people who have never had the chance to eat grits. I might just have me a bowl full tonight. A big dollup of Land O Lakes butter plopped down on top and that’s all ya need.

    Mike, Charles did you a big favor and you ought not to insult the official breakfast cereal of the South by saying they “ain’t bad as long as you mix them with everything else…”

    The Third Commandment of Southern Eatin’ says:

    Thou shalt not defile thy heppin’ o grits by puttin’ too much stuff in ’em.

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