finally we are done

Well , by close of business today, every DVD we have an order for will be shipped…none withstanding…thats is such a massive relief, now we can get our inventory rebuilt ,we have plowed thru this thing, and have learned a ton, but again ,from now on nothing will even be mentioned until its done and sitting on a shelf ready to ship, The equiptment has been a life saver, we have had several companies contact us ,telling us they can handle our duplication,but we have heard that before, being able to be self sufficient in any thing is good, no one will put forth the effort ,the same as you will , so at this point I am quite pleased ,our dvd’s are done, we can produce our own, and outside dependence is not an issue…a very very good thing, and an exhausting journey to get here, especially for Sherri. I think shes ready for a nice rest…
Well come Monday , I plan to get the newsletter done, its written, but Sherri getting a weekend to rest is well deserved, then She plans to burn additional DVD’s for inventory, and then she has to get the videos on brightcove moved, they are downloading as we speak, we are behind in getting this done, but done it will be, and another issue bites the dust, My goal is to get all this off our plates, stop , take a deep breath and then start fresh, at a much better controlled pace,
2008 is a year that will not soon be forgotten, I think it will be remembered as a year of calamities, for about everybody, and I think 2009 will be the year of restoration, hopefully with hind sight in plain view, I hope we have learned our lesson, In something as simple as these DVD’s, you cannot trust any one or group, to look after your own interest, I hope we have have all learned this lesson, people are so unsure of the future, and of course the greed thing, that it seems folks are very “totally self serving “, more so than usual, every one is trying to get theirs and cover their own butts, and thats , to a degree ok, but taking advantage and stepping on others to do it ,isnt… I will tell you this again, giving, of both your resources, and yourself, is the best way of getting. the old cliche of “what goes around, comes around” it dead on.
Well yesterday , I had planned to get all my drawers made for the armoire, didnt happen, ended up getting all the internal drawer stuff in the case, and all my material ready to make my drawers, then had several emails wrapping up commissioned pieces, was ordering materials, going picking up material, unloading material, just one of those days, where it seems you didnt get alot done , but in retrospect you did.When I take on a job ,I like to get all my material in house , as soon as possible, just want to know its here, so when im ready, its ready…..
So today back to the drawers, and perhaps tomorrow we can start getting more photos up, Mikega, ( Mike Galloway) is coming down tomorrow from Pennsylvania, so we can finish his bathroom vanity,I enjoy Mike’s visit’s, hes bringing some of his turning tool’s and we going to maybe get into something different, but we will be snapping pictures I am sure…so best get to it, got a lot to do, but have gotten alot done, and with the upswing in commissions and dvd sales, I am feeling pretty positive, I hope we are seeing a thing I like is that the commissions we have been taking are pretty significant pieces, so they will make nice educational and fun pieces to do here , and perhaps a dvd or so will emerge., well time to get to the gettin..have a good one guys..later


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3 Responses to finally we are done

  1. Kevin Jaynes says:

    Congrats on getting it done. I know that’s a big weight off the shoulders.

  2. Larry C says:


    Looking forward to the Router DVD.

    I appreciate your situation.
    As a distributor of DVDs and CDs for the bus industry I learned early on that if you want it done right you do it yourself.


  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    its always great to finish something. like a big weight was lifted off your shoulders.

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