same ole same ole

well today is a repeat of yesterday…that same stuff, different day thing….except its wednesday ( i think)

any way plugging away on the armoire , making doors and drawers today.gee dont that sound like fun…actually its not too bad…it takes approx 7 1/2 ft x 11″ do one drawer…doesnt seem like it…but its amazing how much material goes into a piece ,thats never really seen..thats why secondary woods have been and remain an inportant part of furniture building…my favorite is poplar…its relatively inexpensive, strong , and very stable…again thats why we been doing different things around your being able to color the upcoming news letter i am going to show you some sample’s we got the folks at general finishes to do…they were amazed..using that dye under .stain over thing…we got about every color you can think of, from deep red mahoganys…to light brown pines…it just workd so well…I think they are seeing what they can do to get some samples into various places …I dont think they realized the diversity and depth of color it provides..
Well i think i best get to the gettin…its up to 61 degrees today …tomorrow it will be about 38 geez…wish it would make up its mind…but to the high side

Later guys

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7 Responses to same ole same ole

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    sounds good! it does take a ton of material to do drawers. it doesn’t seem like it but it adds up fast. today was nice up here too. like 60 and i wore two jackets today! wow was it warm 🙂

  2. intheworkshop says:

    Ok Big D you need to clear this up…when its below 0 you wear “shorts” and 1 jacket ..when its 60 you wear two…my grandson does the same…you need to tell us old guys “Whaass up”…cause we dont get it…:)

    Is it a fashon statement having your pants 4 sizes too big and hanging off your butt…( I some how dont see you doing this though)

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    well i don’t even know about the big pants . i think it looks ridiculous! wouldn’t want to wear that stuff in the shop either. something tells me with pants 4 sizes too big about to fall, and a shirt that goes down to your knees something bad is gonna happen 🙂

    and with the jacket. well i never watch the weather and sometimes that kinda messes me up a bit. no jacket in the cold. too much in the warm. forgetting a jacket when it rains. wearing shorts in the snow. things like that 🙂

  4. intheworkshop says:

    Shorts in the snow…ya starting to sound like Big Bob, he shovels snow in shorts and sleevless t shirts, as i hear it..I guess its that polar bear kinship thing..course now that he is getting older ,he has a snow blower..probably has a cup holder with one of them funny little drinks in it with an umbrella..

  5. Why do you think Bob can’t feel the cold… antifreeze brotha…they use it in cars! Sometimes it helps in the cold cold North.


  6. intheworkshop says:

    That makes sense Ace, and here i thought it was just insulation…

  7. bob says:

    hey, quite poking fun at the big guy! sorry, no cup holder, just a bottle holder!
    We do have a good start on a new snow record for December.It will be a white Christmas! bob

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