Tuesday …

About the only thing that can be said of Tuesdays , is they aren’t Mondays…

Well I am processing walnut for the face frames of the Armiore I needed to deliver 4 weeks ago , but I am moving well, the basic cases are together, Ogee bracket feet are made, mouldings made…now this one will get a broken arch top.. with a moulding…and center finial…( if it points up its a finial, if it points down its a pediment,as i understand it)…not a difficult one…it just has the open ends at the finial…no rosettes…but i am going to make it seperate ,so it sits atop the unit, it makes for easier construction and moving.
The most difficult thing in this is that the width of this unit makes getting good proportion difficult, its 56″ wide…so the broken arch top will have to lay long…I will have approx a 10 to 12 ” rise…at the highpoint of the arch…but still it will have a long lean look…but i think we can make it look good…when we get to the photo point You can decide…This unit is also getting deep drawers in the bottom, I did convince the client to let us do the unit in 2 pieces, and divide the drawers on the bottom…46″ wide 12 inch deep drawers are hard to get to work super well , when they are loaded…its just that they are hard to grasp, and you have to pull with your arms outstretched…you can do it.I have done a ton it seems..but if you can divide them, its better…more work , but function is improved, and this unit is designed to have pocket doors up top, and for electronics , and the deep drawers are for heavier bed clothing and such…so dividing the drawers will yield nice size drawers ,and better organization …it will also allow for a center divider , which will help in support, we will hide a center foot under there as well…this is a good size unit 56 w x 26 deep x 7′ tall…and will be heavy…so being able to get some central support is a good thing..
The Doors will be “french”…meaning they will have a flowing arch at the top, and be raised panels…again photos will show…These give the piece a lift in apperance, and will draw the eye to the broken arch, and the center finial…its a nice traditional look…
Well i know we all like to see pictures, so I best get to the gettin..so I can take ya some…later guys


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One Response to Tuesday …

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    sounds pretty cool! can’t wait to see it come together!

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