Curosity Prevails

As some of you know and now all of you will know. Several of the magizines have been asking us about doing some articles and projects…and videos ,seems finishing is the article thing…that may change when you get the router dvd (shipping this week)…but when it comes to projects I hear them all saying “we dont want anything bombes, highboys, low boys, but rather we want “Arts and Crafts”, and contemporary….which is fine by me ..I dont care…I have made a living building anything and everything it seems…but it did prompt me to question what you guys “flavor” is…for me traditional building is a good source of instruction , its is of course the essence from which all we have come to know orginated from…..but it just surprised me that its being totally avoided in the Mags….
The other thing is , from my demographics I see we have about a 65% over 50 following , which I have found that the over 50 crowd likes traditional..while the 50 and down seem to like the contemporary and Mission ( arts and crafts)..styles…there are exceptions of course.
So I was hoping that some of you would be willing to share your choices ,and likes, and tell me what you would like to see wriiten about as well as projects you would like to see…most of the mag guys follow us and if ya have a suggestion for any of them spit it out…

Well we still burning those DVD’s and filming…geez I have done a ton of stuff and got a ton more to do…as well as the clock, got to get numerous projects built…so it been busy to say the least…but then again I am thankful we are…would much rather worry about how I am going to get it done than what I am going to do….and yea it does get a bit overwhelming at times..
after the clock thing…we gonna get into some really neat stuff…one item in particular is whats called a Jefferson seed press…it is a cabinet Thomas Jefferson had and used to store all his various seeds in…he was quite the planter and experimenter ( if ya like tomatoes..thank TJ)…anyway…we have some good photos and I plan to go see it very soon…for me thats about all it takes…once I see it I can build it…The museum will not allow it to be measured and copied…but I can make “my version”…and it will be interesting to see how well we do in replicating it .Should be fun..
well back to boxing DVD’s and filming…later ya”ll.

Charles Neil

PS.. when ya tell me about your choice in furniture , give me your age…( its ok to cheat a little)..unless you are female, in which case forget I ask

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19 Responses to Curosity Prevails

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    So, a vote from the over 50 crowd (53).

    I’ve always liked arts and crafts sorts of things. I’ve been a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright since I’ve first seen him, I think. His prairie style is sort of like an updated arts and crafts (at least to me.)

    They are clean lines, but not boxy. Some intricacy to the design, but mostly straight lines, not a lot of curves. The really ornate things cause me to look elsewhere.

    That’s a general idea of what I like – in general I’m sort of eclectic, I like what I like and don’t necessarily have a particular style that I’d say I like unreservedly.


  2. bob says:

    traditional, not fancy. age 52

  3. Conrad Bennett says:

    Hey Charles, Conrad here. Call me a doe head, I posted this in the wrong area first time around. 🙂

    About your question regarding what style furniture / woodworking do we all like, well, I am 32 and my preference varies at times. I would much prefer the old style furniture over the new contemporary stuff though. That is one of my biggest complaints about the mags and some other video sites is everything is going contemporary.

    That being said, I do like the look of some arts and crafts furniture. I would love to see some articles and videos on things like how to build a Bombe and some of the more difficult pieces. Lately I have been very interested in how to build chairs, including rocking chairs. One of my absolute favorite rocking chairs that I have seen although it is contmorary style is Sam Maloof’s classic rocker!

    I guess for me, I like what you have been doing article and video wise and the only change would be to see more complitcated projects videos from start to finish. Just what ya wanted to here when you are so busy as it is eh?

    Thanks Charles

    Talk to ya later.


  4. Bop-bop says:

    I too vote for traditional, not too fancy. age 68

  5. Wayne Raley says:

    I am a big fan of Queen Ann type furniture. So you could say I like traditional furniture. Was a fan of Andy Marlow before he passed. Great craftsman. You can count me on the over 60 crowd (67).

  6. Denis Rezendes says:

    i might be a bit of an odd man out here. but I’m 15 and i love the traditional, bombes, lowboys, highboys. I also love the really intricate stuff with the line and berry inlays, shell carvings, gooseneck molding, hounds tooth dovetails. all that good stuff. not so much federal, again its very nice and i would love to try some of that veneering but I’d rather a bombe any day. the arts and crafts is nice stuff and its a fun build but i just love traditional. not a very big fan of the new artsy stuff. just don’t really like the look of it much.

  7. Scott W. Kay says:

    I’m 37 and prefer the traditional, and with Conrad above, I’ve always liked a lot (but not all) of Frank Lloyd Wright, and for the same reasons he gave. But the contemporary just seems so trendy, as if it will very quickly look dated, as opposed to the classic look of more traditional furniture – it seems to transcend time. That’s what I’d rather give my limited time to making, and my limited house space to enjoying.

  8. Scott W. Kay says:

    I meant Ken, not Conrad. Sorry!

  9. Rob McEwen says:

    Traditional is also my favorite I think mostly because it gives me the most satisfaction after the project is completed not sure why but it works for me. Just turned 60

  10. David Harms says:

    im 27 – my fiance likes contemporary to modern furniture (clean straight lines) so of course the furniture in my house is contemporary to modern 🙂

    I really like the look of traditional though (cabriole legs, bowed and serpentine fronts, ball and claw feet) im not sure if i like it more then i did a few years ago because i know now how difficult and how much work goes into one of these pieces or not but i do like them!

  11. Stephen Fields says:

    I LOVE Greene & Greene. Haven’t seen too many people tackle it though.

    Age: 48

    P.S. Thanks for getting the Router DVD’s in the mail… Can’t wait…

  12. Jan Egil Sjåstad says:

    Seems to me like I prefer the old traditional stuff since I’m
    buying a lot of books about it.
    I’m into carving so that might be a reason.
    I can also like more modern stuff but not that straight clean look.
    Age 42

  13. Mike Galloway says:

    Traditional 56

  14. Newton Eunice,DVM says:

    I am not sure about all these styles but I know what I like and its what Charles does. As for the mags they are so hung up on contemporary and any thing from quarter sawn oak that I hardly read them any more. Now as for the DVDs and TV since I lacated Charles all these others bore me. They seem to be perfect and we all know that is not right. Charles takes times to show his mistakes that we all make and how to correct them. The lenght of the DVDs are great because he shows every step. Charles when you lose control of what you do then someone else will tell you how do do it and you have hit on a great formula. There is a lot of info out there but only your site do I anticipate the blog and forum each day. You have helped stimulate me back to woodworking with all my heatlh problems. Tues I spent 6 hrs in hopital and all I could think about was whether I would go to shop or watch your DVDs when I got home. Keep up what you are doing and we all will continue to spread the good word about you and Sherri. docnewt

  15. Kevin Jaynes says:

    I’ve been all over the map. Right now my woodworking thirst is to get back into natural edge stuff. Not log furniture stuff, and not even rustic, but a mix of antural edge and finished lines.

    I have built a couple of pieces in this weird category that turned out nice (tables), but one (a chair) that I hated enough I “recycled” it, so I put that style aside for a while. A long while, as that was in the early 90s.

    But I have some stuff in my tiny little head floating around that won’t go away. Not boxy but not artsy. Not contemporary but not rusticy. Eclectic but not shockingly alien either. Interesting but not busy. Maybe I should just write about it and let it remain a mystery . . . .
    I need to tackle it this spring when, Lord help me, I may get to make some shavings and dust again.

    BTW I am like 20 years old or something. . . . . wait, just looked at my drivers license and I was off a little on the age, but who’s keeping track?

  16. Newton EUNICE says:

    I forgot but age is 60. The forgetting is age related. docnewt

  17. Jerry says:

    I admire many styles of furniture, but by far I most appreciate traditional. I can’t imagine selecting furniture for my house of any style but traditional.

    I am pushing seventy years of age. Do you suppose the magazines are catering to a younger demographic in the common mistaken belief that the young adults spend more? Or do you think they are attempting to simplify their articles with the less complicated projects?

  18. I like Traditional and I’m “Old Salt” Big-Bobs age minus 4.


  19. prime8 says:

    Im 37, and have focused mainley on arts and crafts style because of the simple lines. I think I was intimidated by the curves of traditional, art deco, and modern designs. I got my band saw last summer, and quickly realized it was time to push myself a little. I would really like to learn more about the traditional styles. Bring on the arch tops, bow fronts, low boys, and all the rest. The other thing I would love to see is a traditional workbench. Not exactly pretty, but the joinery, and Ideas can be used in all sorts of designs.
    Thanks for listening to your peanut gallery.

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