great deal

hey all…not trying to sell ya nothing…but i got a set of these (bradpoints)…did some testing and playing…dont have a clue how they are selling at this price…and have nothing to do with it…but they are great..drilled some wood and checked for fit…(dowel size) and checked for bottom chip out all that stuff…best deal on drill bits i have ever seen…the small bits have 10 each and the others are 5 each…

if ya need drill bits here is a super deal…
Its woodcrafts 170 piece drill bit set in either bradpoint or split point (regular) ..on sale for 29.95 for 170 bits…and i understand they have a limited supply…most of the stores have them as well…take a look…I wasnt going to do a blog until monday..but thought i would let ya know about this while they still have them..if ya interested…( hope the link works…if not search drill bits ,and its the special 170 piece set..

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6 Responses to great deal

  1. Man that is a great deal. Just ordered a set of the brad points. I like the idea of having 5 – 10 of each, and on their site they say the smaller ones that tend to break easier and more frequently, those are the ones that have the most in the set.

    That makes sense. usually when you get a great price like this, it’s because the set is oddball sizes or seconds etc.

    great deal thanks. .

  2. Denis Rezendes says:

    ya i’ve seen this set too and was scared that for that price it wouldn’t be the best quality. i’m surprised that they are good quality.

  3. Terry Hennessy says:

    I picked the link, but apparently the $29.95 price was in error because it now says $59.95.

    So anyone that DID get them for $29.95 DID get a great deal.

  4. intheworkshop says:

    yea i see that…I am checking now to see if its off special and if it will return..hold tight…monday 1pm

  5. Mike Galloway says:

    I picked up 2 sets at the Woodcraft store in Harrisburg on Saturday for $29.95 each. However I think that the sale was only good until 11/30.

  6. Ken Weinert says:

    Posted over on the board as well, but these are back on sale through the end of the month.

    There’s free ground shipping through the 7th of this month as well.

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