Happy Thanksgiving

well tomorrow is eat, burp, eat some more day…but dont forget to spend a little time in the shop…
We are wide open getting videos done and ready to go…so I plan to enjoy the day…spend time at home with family..( will probably sneak to the shop a little)…been working on a new jig for routing Goose necks…I think i have a home run…want to play with it a bit.
Jeff got his table rubbed out ,we used a precat urethane from General Finishes, man is it tough…jeff had to go down to a 600 grit to sand it “super level”, and then work up thru the other grits..took some time, but what we found was it gave an incredible surface, so its one where you have drop to lower grits to work thru, but geez….the reason is it is so abrasion resistent it doesnt want to be sanded…or rubbed, its that tough, but we got it, now I need to play with it again to get the grit sequences down, now the reason i am bothering to do it is that I want folks to be able to have a surface that will withstand tons of use and yet be one they are grinning ear to ear because its super smooth and slick.
and urethanes do that, they just dont like to be rubbed, and the average guy doesnt have the facility, to be able to produce clean ,smooth surfaces…so rubbing out is the answer, but it too needs to be able to be done in a manner thats affordable and easy to do…Jeff spend alot of hours on this table, just because it was so tough to sand with the super fine grits.( a good thing), but by dropping down to a courser grade it went much faster, but of course we didnt do that until the last half of the table , everything else was done…but it came out impressive.

Well better hop to it…have a good holiday all and thanks for looking at the Kehoe Jig, I plan to add the depth and closeup on the splines ,and then we will get it posted for all the world to see…Got to run got alot of DVD’s to get done


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