Need Your Feedback

I’ve hi-jacked Charles’ blog so that I can get some feedback. As you are all aware, in the past year Charles has been able to work with the Kehoe Jig and has recently took the time to do some filming on the jig, explaining a little about how it works, how you use it, how you can use it, etc. Kevin hasn’t even reviewed the video yet but we thought we’d get your feedback, it’s pretty raw footage at this point, but let us know if it is simplified enough and what you think so we can get it broadcast. I know Kevin is anxious to get it on his website as well.

Click Here to View the Video


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32 Responses to Need Your Feedback

  1. bob says:

    Excellent job. Will there be a “Charles Neil” special price on this?

  2. Serge Courchesne says:

    superb was thinking of buying it and even with what you call raw footage it is quite well explained

  3. Wayne Raley says:

    Great video Charles…………been thinking about buying one of these jigs. Now I am convinced to give myself this for Christmas. Thanks for the video which as always was awesome.

  4. I think I will buy my wife one of these for Christmas as well!

    Okay full disclosure for those that don’t know, my wife Terry and I are the owners of the company. She does all the work and I get all the glory. Sounds like someone else I know. Grin.

    Charles I don’t have any major critiques, I think you covered all the basics quite well, especially showing the half-splines for drawers.

    Some close-ups of the spline-making process is something we will cover when we add to the video library down the road.

    We’re both very impressed with it, and very honored (and grateful!) that you chose to do a video on our jig. Larry Kehoe, the inventor, is smiling down on you and Sherri I am sure. Knowing Larry I can guarantee he is putting in a good word for you! He did not get to see” his little jig” become widely popular but if we have anything to say about it, and in no small measure due to you and Sherri’s help, more and more woodworkers will be able to add this great little tool to their arsenal.

    I better stop before I sound like a commercial, but to answer your question Bob, yes there will be a CN special. It may not seem like it (never does on the buying end) but we are right at the low end of where we can price it. In fact we lowered the price from $149.95 to $129.95 recently to accommodate Christmas shoppers, and it won’t stay there long. We are thinking about including some extra goodies for those who tell us they saw the jig on Charles’ Blog, Forum, or the video. Haven’t had time to get with Charles on that and get his input on it but will do so asap. . . . . . . .

    Kevin & Terry Jaynes

  5. intheworkshop says:

    Kevin…at 129.00 I dont see where you can add…Bob and I both are in business..and we know what it cost…the jig, bits clamps..etc…at 129.00 its a bargin..
    you got to eat too..ok so we need a better close up on the spline making, and Big bob suggested we do something on depth setting… we can do that…thats why its up here to get your opinions and see what we need to add …thanks all

  6. Conrad Bennett says:

    Superb video as usual!! You guy’s have not built a bad video yet.

    Awesome looking jig! I live in Canada, I was wondering if you have any distributers up here? I will still order it from the States if I have to however the shipping to Ontario Canada is just killer!! Some items almost double in price due to shipping and customs crap so I would prefer to buy it here if possible.

    Either way excellent jig, excellent video and my Christmas list just got longer! šŸ™‚

    Keep up the awesome work!!

    Merry Christmas Sherri and Charles!

    Conrad Bennett

  7. intheworkshop says:

    conrad…pretty sure Kevin is the only source…but I feel sure he will chime in here…we ship to canada and all over the world all the time , so if hes not set up, perhaps sherri can help him out…im not sure on all the shipping stuff…( i deligate well)

  8. Serge Courchesne says:

    Conrad i have the info for us Canuck the transport via USPS is 33 dollars

  9. Kevin and Terry says:

    Hey Serge,

    Shipping the jig to Canada is not a bunch more since we use USPS Flat Rate. Check your inbox for an email from us back on the 19th – Terry gave you a quote but maybe it got lost down the cyber hole.

    International payment instructions are included in the email she sent (I will go ahead and re-send it) or you can order off the website and we can send a paypal request for the difference, whatever is easiet for you.

  10. Kevin and Terry says:

    Conrad, sorry I called you Serge, and Serge, sorry I called him you. You canucks all look alike. šŸ˜€

    Thanks for your help Serge – it is not hard to cnfuse me. I might better turn this over to Terry and get back in the shop where I belong . . . . . .

  11. Terry Hennessy says:

    Excellent product and a very well done video (as always).

    Yes, the “edits” mentioned for the video would be helpful, but understand this is just an “early draft”.

    Happy Thanksgiving too all!

  12. Ben Birdsill says:

    Wow – great explanation. You sold me – my Christmas list just got longer.

  13. Chas. I love the blog on Kehoe. I ordered one after watching your video. The only thing you left out was how do you cut off the overhang of the spline. I plan to use a pull Japanese saw! OK>?
    Really appreciate and enjoy your videos and all else.You are just a ” good ole boy”.
    Have a great turkey day.

  14. intheworkshop says:

    Ok to the japanese saw…i used a band saw, cut it a bit proud…then sanded them flat and smooth…( i lied i actually used a router, he he he)

  15. Denis Rezendes says:

    wow very nice video! i think its great and explains everything really well! by the way whats that thing next to the work bench on the right side in the video with the table saw. i saw it in the sugar chest video and have no clue what it is.

  16. intheworkshop says:

    Denis…its a big heater…I cut the heat back at night (way back), and that thing heats it up quick in the morning….and i often run it upstairs…when i have my air exchange on in the finishing room so it can pull warm air ,

  17. Larry C says:

    Well you did it again. Blew my budget!

    When I pass I sure hope my wife doesn’t try to sell my tools for what I told her I paid for them.

  18. intheworkshop says:

    hey Larry…aint no one here tellin nothing…we all kinda in the same boat……( that was good)

  19. intheworkshop says:

    hey larry..i just thought of something…I have often been accused of blowing my own budget…actually i am very good at it…but this is the first time i been accused of trashing someone else’s ..made my day

  20. Kevin says:

    Speaking of trashing budgets and doghouses – geez, you want to talk about someone so deep in the doghouse when I get back from a gun show, you got to shine a mag light in there to catch a glimpse of me.

  21. Dave Ray says:

    Charles, As usual I learned something from you again today. This jig is great, I can see a lot of uses. It is on my Christmas list. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Sherri.

  22. James says:

    Kehoe Jig video is great. I especially liked the part where Charles nicked his clamp and then cut into his spline jig to far. It warms my heart knowing that even the masters make mistakes. Gives me hope.

  23. intheworkshop says:

    James…ya just had to bring that up didnt ya šŸ™‚

    hey I have never subscribed to the “master” thing…im just like you…except i have a little more experience than most…
    the definition of experience is ” mistake + mistake+ mistake…I am well experienced…believe me.

    the difference in the pros is we have learned to hide our mistakes..thats all…

    but hey at least i dont edit it out…glad they send ” bit friendly” clamps and jigs…he he he

  24. Rob says:

    Bought mine from your link 11/13/08 hope you get credit for it how ever they track it Just got it last Friday played with it Sat. and you are right could not be easier. Didn’t make the spines yet just used was in the kit. another thing those spring clamps have a pretty heft spring I was not expecting to have to use that much pressure to open them I must be use to the cheap box store ones. It met my expectations and very pleased with it

  25. David Harms says:

    great video charles.

    I had planed on buying a standard delta dovetail jig in a few months but after seeing this and the bit in your blog about how you build drawers with the “applied” front i will be passing up the standard dovetail jig for this.

  26. Vince says:

    I checked this out a couple of months ago when you first mentioned it but didn’t appreciate the taper part of it or how it’s made. This video makes that real clear. I don’t need any more spiff and polish, I’m ready to buy one.

  27. Ken Weinert says:

    Even in “rough” form it’s a very nice video. Good explanations throughout.

  28. *******Important Notice*******

    We have received several orders from this blog already. Thank you!!!

    We did not make an official announcement, but we are including a bonus gift for everyone who orders from Charles’ blog/site/forum etc. so make sure and tell us you saw it here.

    We have recognized some of the recent orders as coming from this blog post but you did not mention that. Don’t worry you are getting the bonus, but still, if you have ordered a jig and did not let us know you saw it here please send us an email letting us know, so we don’t miss anyone.

    Thanks to all! K&T.

  29. intheworkshop says:

    ya know ,while i have alot of dovetail jigs…I keep thinking the same think,,,gluing up a mitered box is pretty simple and fast , and can be done to very exacting measurements…then the splines and your done……somehow this just seems to make a whole lot of sense…and at the cost of dovetail jigs compared to the Kehoe…its a no brainer….

  30. Serge Courchesne says:

    yep that ‘s what i was thinking when you do drawers badabing badaboom this is a very good jig cant wait to get mine hehe btw i like it when you nick the clamp this should stay in the video rhe old guy that oops the clamp šŸ™‚

  31. Kevin says:


    Good video as usual, however, it was not made clear the type of joint for the sides of the box, i.e. mitre or butt or dado.

    Also I would like to know how to make a sliding dovetail joint quickly and accurrately.

    Thanks again Kevin

  32. Kevin,

    My memory is bad but it won’t be hard to remember your name haha.

    As to the type of joinery for the corners, it too is limitless. Charles used a butt joint just for illustration purposes, but you can use anything you can dream up.

    With a butt joint, the splines will lock the corners together as long as you adjust the height of the splines and the thickness of the stock to ensure the splines catch both sides of the corner.

    A miter joint is a great choice because the corner shares the splines equally, and you’d have to have a wrecking ball to take it apart. the wood will fail first before the joint, as in all correctly executed joints using glue and joinery.

    One of my favorite joints is a miter lock. It was originally designed for use as a structural drawer corner joint I believe, without the benefit of dovetails because it offers more surface area for glue than does a butt or miter, but it looks great all by itself IMO. But add the dovetail splines and, as John Madden might say “BAM! Looks great!”.

    That was the long answer. Short answer is you can use corner joint you want, and then add the splines for strength or beauty or both. Frank Lloyd Wright would love it IMO because it offers both function and form or either. Totally versatile.

    As to the sliding dovetail, I’ll the pro answer that one.

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