same stuff different day

well as the title implies , still slamming away ,on videos and dvd stuff , and getting a little wood stuff done, hoping to get all my filming done by monday ,so i can make a lot of sawdust , this half clean shop is driving me nuts…

Will try to get the clips up asap…so later guys….thanks to all of you for your suppport and emails, it means alot…

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14 Responses to same stuff different day

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Which half of the 1/2 clean shop drives you nuts?

    The clean side or the messy side?

  2. intheworkshop says:

    actuall Ken ..both..if its all clean , im supposed to be filming,if its dirty , im supposed to be doing wood…but in this case im doing both…figured if anybody hadnt seen sawdust and a mess….i would help them out…my understanding is that on the tv shows they have folks who vacume and clean after each shot..for me is a broom across the bench and move on..he he

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    To paraphrase someone famous (or is it infamous?):

    looking good Charles…but most of the guys here know what a messy shop looks like :)…get to the gettin…you can do it, you can do it…come on Charles….you can do it

  4. intheworkshop says:

    I m a gettin…i assure you,,shop isnt half clean anymore…been cuttin and a filming.. so now its only about a 1/4 clean….push all the trash out of camera sight…he he he…but this afternooon I will be forced to clean it…but not alot…

  5. Bop-bop says:

    Turkey day is a coming!

  6. intheworkshop says:

    i aint even gonna go there….he he he ..but by the powers vested in me you are pardoned George!

    now that was a good answer he he he he

  7. Mike Galloway says:

    You know if you wouldn’t spend so much time in wardrobe and makeup you could get a lot more filming done.

  8. Denis Rezendes says:

    good one mike 🙂

  9. Newton EUNICE says:

    A clean and organized shop means you are not getting any projects done. When your clamp rack is empty and all level surfaced are holding glue-ups then you know it is a woodworker and not a TV personna. How do you function without sawdust on the floor. My shop was actually once an old hog barn. Smell long gone.Turkey day is coming and we need to give thanks for what we have and ask for help for the next four years I pray for our leaders every day but they don’t listen. Take your time with all you have to do just let us know you are there. We don’t want any one week blanks. We all feel we are part of each others lives and worry about you and Sherri. Stress and all. Lost a vet in this county this past weekend 56 with heart attack. We need to concentrate on what is important. docnewt

  10. intheworkshop says:

    good comment Doc…and i agree…giving thanks for all we have and each other is a must, it after all could be much worse…I think..pray not…..

    whew , shop is totally trashed..I mean , trashed…so i got to get a shovel….forget the broom thing..besides im alergic to brooms…glad the dumpster isnt too far…I get alot of guys wanting to come help in the shop, where they at at times like these..makes ya wonder…had a good day…filmed alot…trashed the shop….i hope you had a good day and have a better nite…

  11. Newton EUNICE says:

    Would you really want someone else to clean your shop you would never find anything. I have one friend that lets his wife clean his shop but no way for me. docnewt

  12. intheworkshop says:

    well doc far as my tools go…no…as far as the broom ,thing and carry the trash cans to the dumpster, actually i have grandkids, who just love to help…He he, yea right, but they do from time to time..i tell them if they do it i will “owe” them 20.00 or whatever…and you can probably figure out the rest…hey grandparents are supposed to help educate …its a long standing family joke…but it works…beats bob who gets his wife to mow the grass and spray the weeds cause he told her it was fun…live and learn my friend, live and learn.but just so you know the only one who i know of that can out trash a shop, is Big Bob, (my shop), and mike galloway (mikega).( my shop again)…both are what i would consider “experts”…course then again when i visited Denis…he said he had been cleaning his, since i was coming…would have not wanted to see it before hand…perhaps we need to do a trashed shop award contest thing…now that would be fun…hey i think i will…he he he he

  13. Denis Rezendes says:

    ya mine has been pretty bad before. once when doing a whole 12 hour day during the summer i had a strong inch covering the whole work area. thats the best i’ve got.

  14. bob says:

    Shop isn’t dirty until the dust is up to your knees. And Charles is kinda short.

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