Thursday Nov 20

well computers are whizzing, whirring, burners are burning, camera’s are rolling, got a ton of stuff going on, filming some clips for you guys on some router tip’s,that Sherri wanted me to do ,that are also in the router DVD, but these are short enough to do, and get up here,one is using a router table as a jointer,which most of you are aware of , but just in case your not we are doing it, the second is what i call bump routing, its an alternative to “climb cutting” which can be dangerous ,(running in reverse).so we will get them done asap.

Todays quote is NOT my doing…just want to be clear on that…

Getting together a list for some demo clips for Woodcraft, i really like doing these…get to play with all the new stuff…(yea i know)..but i got to tell ya there are some neat things out there, they have a new scraper ,similar to the stanley 80, which i like a lot, scraping is just a really good way of dressing wood, its fast , remember the bubinga slab, if i had sanded it , i would probably still be sanding.
the neat part about the folks at woodcraft is they sorta let me pick and choose, if it isnt doing what i feel is a good safe and effective job, i dont do the of the things we are working on is doing a series of clips on veneering, and i plan to try to get a good video on it..i have and do alot of it,both making my own veneers, and purchased ones, and i have done solid core as well as all kinds of different substrates , veneers are a really nice way to enhance your projects and give those spectacular grains, and with todays modern adhesives and finishes, they are quite durable,compared to those of the past…but just in case you get one of those old veneered pieces that the veneer is lifting,simply use a steam iron,(not to hot), and iron it back down..the old hide glues dry out and let’s go, a little moisture and heat and they are back as strong as ever….

well , got to get to the filming stuff, have a good day all,


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