Back in the saddle

Well ,I survived the northern trip, interesting it was to say the least
Still haven’t quite figured the northern means of driving, that thing of drive 90 mph for 10 min, then 10 mph for 90 min ,I still haven’t figured it out..but now that I am home I dont need to,
If how ever you are planning a trip to northern cities (or anywhere else) there are two things you definately will need..a good horn and lots of patience. A big thanks to all who came out to say hello, and hope to see you again.
It was quite interesting to speak with the folks at the stores, as well as the folks who came to say hello, and to hear their thoughs and opinions ,and thats what we wanted. It provided us an insight into what they want ,and what they need help with..and it helps us gauge where we want to focus ,
and of course there was alot of windshield time to ponder it all. So we were better able look at what it is ,we need to be doing….Topics of interest..areas of confusion , we will look at addressing these
So today i need to get the newsletter written,get caught up on emails,and Get orders shipped and get back in the groove of things..Watch for the newsletter in a day or so..

Catch ya”ll later,


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6 Responses to Back in the saddle

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    You need to come out west where it’s 90 MPH for 9 hours 🙂

    Legal speed limits of 75 most everywhere, only slowing down for cities or tight mountain turns.

    Having said that, don’t try I-25 through Denver during the massively misnamed “rush hour”. One little butterfly waves its wings and you’ll be back doing the 10MPH for 90 minute thing.

  2. intheworkshop says:

    Ken, I drove to Colorado Springs last fall, i know what you i recall on I 70, i saw 80 mph speedlimits….but then ya hit Kansas….where ya drive for ever..see nothing, and the most exciting thing is to see how many tumbleweeds you can catch under the front of the vehicle,or how many “jackalopes” you see, and when ya first spot pikes peak, even at 80mph, it seems like it takes a week to get there…but definately beautiful country…

  3. Mike Galloway says:

    Well I guess if your home that only means one thing….Denis fired you!
    Welcome back.

  4. intheworkshop says:

    nope on vacation :).. but so everyone knows what Mike is talking about..I got to spend some time with TWW….check it out..will be in the main blog tomorrow

  5. John Leonick says:

    Did you ever get to Norwalk,CT on Nov. 13? I didn’t see you there.

  6. intheworkshop says:

    John..I got to CT , on the 13th, not sure about Norwalk, I know we missed one in CT, was late leaving another stop ,and a traffic jamb caught us for hours and we couldnt get to one store…Sherri knows which one , I was too busy dodging traffic…I will see which one we missed

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